Uhhh don't know what to call this.....Construction dilema?

Okay gals...or guys...here is the question I mentioned the other day. We have two upstairs rooms in our new home that will be bedrooms for now. The first one is the girls room, the second will be ours. When we get to the next phase of our home, the girls' room will probably be a guest room/office, and our room will be a media/game room. Now, when we planned the places for the windows, we kinda sorta forgot about trim and as you can see from where the wall is dividing the two rooms, there's really no room for trim on the side of the window closest to the wall. The Big question? What can I creatively do with that wall space that will look cool without having to put normal window trim around the whole window? I just think it will look really dorky with trim only on 3 sides. I was thinking maybe a book shelf on the sides (custom made for the shape of the wall...floor to ceiling), and then only do trim on the top and bottom of the windows? So, let me know what you think. If you haven't a clue, but know someone who might, I'd love to hear about it.
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  1. i really like the bookshelf idea. if i we're to design my own home, i would utilize each nook and cranny. looking at the space you could also put a bench under the window area and have the book shelf above the bench. it could be a reading nook.....:) good luck. make sure to post pictures when your done.



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