Super Bowl and Life

Did you all watch the superbowl on Sunday? We had a great day! After church we got one daughter seen off to a friends birthday party and sleepover, and collected one of NAN's friends so she had someone to play with during the game. Could you just imagine one 8 year old alone in a house full of adults trying to watch a football game...yeah...not a pretty site. Then we headed to home of some friends for a lunch of spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. The guys then settled into chairs and couches to watch the pre-game show...actually it was all guys except myself, our friends wife and the two little girls..anyways. Us gals cleaned up and visited. Just before the game we put some chicken enchiladas and a yummy layered bean dip in the oven. Onto platters went salami, cheese and crackers. Veggies and dip, along with fresh fruit. We were set and ready for some football. I admit that over the last few years I have not enjoyed watching the games. I usually would sit around a kitchen table and play cards, or visit and maybe occasionally take a peek at the big screen. I know nothing about football...well, almost nothing and what guy wants to sit and explain the big game to a gal who in all reality really doesn't care? Plus the half-time shows are lame and often pretty raunchy and commercials are iffy. Well, this year I decided to sit and watch and I thoroughly got into it. I even jumped up and down and screamed and yelled. To prove how "not" into football I am, I didn't even know who to vote for, but opted for the giants with 3/4 of the room. Plus one of the players is a friend of a guy in our church. At half time we put brownies in the oven and served them up with fresh whipped topping and coffee. Yum! The little girls had fun and did great entertaining themselves while us "big" kids watched the game. What a great game!! Even if the giants had lost it was an action packed game.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. It sounds like a truly wonderful evening! It is so nice to sit back and enjoy things with our friends. Hope you are having a great week.


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