Construction: First off our electrical inspection passed with no problems! Yippee!! That was a big deal and actually the inspection that hubby thought would need corrections because it's what he knows the least about. But no worries there! We also had favor with the county inspector. Hubby contacted the head inspector and he said that if we wrapped the house in Visqueen (plastic), we could go ahead and insulate before siding. So that got done yesterday. We are now finalizing the little things that needed done and hopefully will begin insulating next week. Whoo hoo! Once we get some dry weather we'll pour the concrete for our sidewalks and porches. We are going to do a stain and stamp which should look really cool. Computers: I have been wanting a laptop for quite awhile and we are starting to save up for one. We are considering switching to a Mac. So I am doing all my research. The one problem I think I'm going to face is the programs I have that may not be Mac compatible, especially my Logos Bible Software (which I happen to use all the time). Anyone out there have a Mac and want to share your thoughts? We will still keep our PC for the girls to use and for home use. Though the imac looks cool because everything is built into the screen area...I think. I need to shop for a new keyboard though. Our old one died and this one is loud and obnoxious and the enter key sticks. Family: Like I said earlier school has gone very well this week. NAN just finished science and will start health. Last night we took the girls to Romano's Macaroni Grill in Portland. The atmosphere was great and the portions of the meals were huge. We all brought home doggie bags. I was so impressed with the waiter. Whenever he talked to either of the girls (especially NAN) he squated down to her level so he could look her in the eye and speak directly to her. What was really funny is that their tables are covered with cloth and then a white piece of butcher paper. We told NAN she could write on the table. She wasn't convinced (even after I drew on the table). She covered up what I drew and begged us to ask the waiter if it was okay. Once she got the go ahead from him, she drew the rest of the evening...I totally love that idea! The first thing she wrote was "Jesus loves you soooo much!" She really wanted him to see it. It was a fun evening with great food and family time. I loved the rosemary bread (though not a huge fan of rosemary) with olive oil and balsamic dipping sauce....though I think I was the only one who liked that. I considered bringing my camera, but it's big and I didn't want to hassle with it. I think I need a smaller one to just take in restaurants and stores, etc.. Today I was treated to a manicure and the girls stayed at grandmas to play cards. So I have a few hours to get some things accomplished in a quiet house. Whoo hoo. Maybe I'll post a few of those recipes I mentioned yesterday. I don't feel like checking my spelling myself and I think bloggers spell checker is still down, so I apologize now for errors.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. That so sweet that your lil Angel wouldn't write on the table...soooo cute!

    The bread sounds yummy...I'm glad the house is making great progress.

  2. I cover my table with bitcher paper a lot fo times and let the kids do crafts on it. Its such easy cleanup!

    I do so want a laptop but every time I think of buying one theres something I need worse!


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