Recipe Link: Sloppy Joaquins and Weekend Agenda

Today we went to lunch at the home of our friends. She served up Sloppy Joaquins. A more "Spanish cousin" of the sloppy Joe. They were amazing. And honestly I like them much better. She got the recipe from Rachel Ray (whom I really like), which is where I took the picture from. My friend served them on yummy wheat hamburger buns. Instead of whatever cheese it called for, she used provolone and substituted cooking sherry for the "sherry" in the recipe. These will go on our list for sure!!

It was so nice visiting with friends. They had just moved about 9 months ago and we hadn't been able to get together to see their new home and visit. We were joking that it didn't matter if any of us were sick, we were still getting together. I cannot wait to have our own home again to entertain friends.

I am still battling a sore throat and have been very stubborn about going to the doctors...I think it's because my gag reflex is so awful that I'm dreading them swabbing my throat...ugghhh! I keep saying, "if it's not better by".... and then I don't go. Isn't that awful. I keep telling the Lord, "you just need to heal me, because I really don't want to go to the doctor"!

We have a busy weekend ahead. Our church is hosting a conference with a lady from Bethel church in Redding, CA. It is called "Taking the Prophetic to the World", so after tonight I probably won't blog again till next week. Sunday after church, hubby and I are going to the home and garden show in Portland to get ideas for our home. Should be fun.

We have been getting bids for sheetrock, and purchased some of our siding material. whoo hoo! The trees we planted are still alive. Thank you Lord!

I dropped NAN off at a friends house for a birthday party/sleepover. She was excited, but looked a little nervous. I have been praying for her ever since. Most of the girls were on her soccer team, and they all get along, but she doesn't see them regularly. She is a home body and really doesn't care to sleepover at friends' houses. Which is fine. KAT was the same way. Even now, she'd prefer to have a friend sleep at our house. We'll see how she does. I'll just keep the phone nearby in case she needs me.

Well have an amazing weekend, and I'll chat with you all soon!

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Yum! those look good! we had tator tot hot dish for dinner, good and easy.....

    feel better and have a blessed weekend.


  2. Great job on the photography!! Yeah my eldest is a real home body too. Doesn't even want friends over or anything. I had a cold recently too and airborne really helped clear it up!

    Hope you get better!

  3. Just a note. I didn't take the pic of the sammy. I got it from RR's website.


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