Oh What a night!

As I was making a pot of coffee this afternoon, because I really needed a few...pots that is...the song from who knows what era popped in my head...mainly the phrase "Oh, what a night"...... because that is what we had last night. Hubby and Kat went into Portland yesterday to do some running around...Someone....a certain 12 year old just keeps growing and she needed new soccer shorts to practice in. I got a text around 3:00 saying that hubby was having some weird feelings in his chest (which he has gotten before). Not a pain, but more of an achey feeling. But he felt it in his arm too and so by 7:00 that evening we decided to go into the ER to have it checked out. His dad had a major heart attack a few years back and so have a grandpa and an uncle. Well, we get there and we get a "hallway" room in ER (meaning we get to sit on a gurney and chair in the hall and have all the work done out there). We did get to pray for a lady who was in an accident. We figured if we were going to be stuck at the hospital we'd make the most of it and pray for people. I think we spent an hour and a half in the ER, they did an EKG which was normal, drew blood, took his blood pressure (which was high...but then what do you expect when you're nervous and sitting in the ER). They pretty much decided things looked fine but they wanted to admit him so that they could do a stress test in this morning..so up we went to the CDU (Clinical Decision Unit...did you know they had such a place?...I didn't). We spent the night up there. Him in a bed hooked up to a heart monitor and IV and me sitting/sleeping in a chair that pulled out into the most uncomfortable bed...needless to say, neither of us got much sleep. We did have awesome nurses though. His stress test went well as well as all the other tests. Normal cholesterol, etc.. so I believe the ruling was...he needs to not worry so much or be so stressed about things in life. So even though we would have rather not spent the night in the hospital, we were glad to find out that things were looking good. My MIL came to the house and spent the night with the girls and then took them to their house this morning for breakfast and a movie...no school today. KAT tends to worry and she really had a hard time with the whole thing. She is very compassionate. NAN just lets everything roll off her back. On the way home we stopped at Walmart then to pay for the new car windshield we had replaced yesterday....which by the way I was so impressed with the company. Small company and I didn't want to bother someone to drive back in to take me to pick it up, so I asked if I could have two of our young adult guys who work up the road from the place pick it up. The owner said "no problem...I'll just leave everything in the car and you can pay me sometime this week!" Now that's service. Hubby left awhile ago to take girls to soccer school. We are all tired, but glad to be home. FIL is fixing the front door and I'm procrastinating doing anything!! Tomorrow I take KAT to the doctor and then having someone come out to detail our car. I need to make my grocery list and make sure I include the food stuff for NAN's bday party next week. Oh gee...I had another thought, but it has completely left me....hmmmmm. Oh, well. If I think of it, I'll post it later I guess. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. What a night indeed! Wow - that had to be a little frightening. I'm so glad everything checked out ok and he's doing well!
    And Praise God for awesome service from a company - that is always a blessing.
    Sounds like you are quite busy this week! Take care and enjoy the rest of it!

  2. so glad your husband is alright! what a experience for you and your family! i do believe our husbands have so much stress in their lives ...... i wish i could take that stress away, but only they can learn to deal with it and leave things in God's hands.


  3. So glad your dh is alright!! His chest hurting could be from stress but its good to get things checked out. If he doesn't already, have him start walking/exercising. That strengthens your heart and helps with general over all well being.

  4. Oh, Kirstin, I am so glad that your husband is all right! What a scare that must have been.

    I hope you have managed to get some rest since you got home.




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