Need a good laugh?

Okay...I'm sitting here working on the girls school for the week. KAT is at soccer practice, and NAN has a little friend over. They are outside playing...little friend walks through the front door and says "uh, Kirstin....a bird just pooped on my head"...I busted up laughing. I asked here where and she said NAN got it out..I could see the residue of it...too bad I didn't have my that would have been funny! The next door neighbor feeds the birds and so they perch on the phone lines and do their duty all over our cars....and now my daughter's little friends. Okay, I'm going back to what I was doing. I'll post more later or tomorrow, but I had to share that..
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Oh, that poor little girl. She must have been so embarrassed.


  2. her personality is hilarious so it wasn't embarassing at all.


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