Menu Plan Monday

Well I have not been on top of my game when it comes to menu planning the last few weeks. Or I should say following the menu plan, or even making what was on the menu. So much just gets in the way of things happening. As I said last week I think I'm giving up on the day to day planning, and just planning on specific meals and deciding what days to serve them depending on our schedule. Our lives are just not lived 9 to 5.

I actually haven't really planned a menu for the next week, but do have a few meals that I didn't make last week. Which are: Elk Stroganoff, tuna casserole, salmon, Italian noodle soup and meat loaf.

Maybe I'll post a revision later this week when I know more what I'm doing and go grocery shopping. I can't wait to read everyone elses menus. Sorry this is a little lame this week. Check on some past ones and even under my recipe category for some great recipes.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I hear ya. This is exactly why I dont make menu plans.

  2. I still smile every time I read elk stroganoff. Maybe I should make kangaroo stroganoff and see how it turns out!


  3. Mrs. D....yah, that is why I don't worry too much about sticking to them...LOL

    Kate...I'll take a picture when I make it and send it to ya! If you said in a post that you were making Kangaroo anything I'd probably think the same thing as you with elk.

    I don't know if I told you, but my hubby and the guys he came to Australia with still haven't stopped talking about how wonderful the bacon was!

  4. I haven't been on top either. In fact we have eaten out more than I care to count!! hahahaah

    Tuna casserole sounds good right now.

  5. Elk Stroganoff made me smile too - is it really elk? I think I tried some when I was on a summer missions trip to Montana during my college years.

    I guess that's how people react when I say "venison", as my husband's a hunter. Funny isn't it?

    Meat loaf sounds yummy, and I haven't made it in a while. Hmmm :)

  6. Katiebug (how cute..we call our oldest daughter that)..anyways, I prefer elk to venison because it doesn't really have a "game" flavor. I suppose if I knew how to properly marinate and cook venison I'd do that too. I grew up eating wild game since my dad hunted and was a taxidermist. My hubby doesn't hunt so I rely on friends to give me meat.

  7. Kirstin
    Thank you so much for your sweet words. Sometimes I just have to get it out!
    Your menu sounds really good to me!
    I hope that you have a fabulous week.


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