Menu Plan Monday

Last weeks menu did not go as planned. The only thing we made off it was the Pizza, and that was amazing. I made chicken cacciatore in the crockpot and froze it for a meal later this week. I have to first share our pizza fiasco. I planned on making a homemade wheat crust with turkey pepperoni to top it off. I sent the girls out to the garage to get all the ingredients (that's where our refrigerator is right now). They came back in, unloaded the basket and as we began to make our crust I realized that the turkey pepperoni was missing. "Mom we brought it in, we took it out of the fridge...we know we did". This prompted an extremely long and often repeated search for the AWOL pepperoni. Do you know, we never found it! Sooooo plan B had to be thought of. We opted to brown some ground turkey and cook some chicken with italian seasoning. These set aside, we set to work on the dough. The first batch of dough using all whole wheat flour didn't was too tough. So we started over using half white and half whole wheat...much better. I made homemade sauce using two cans of tomatoe sauce, italian seasoning and chopped garlic. We then layered on cheese (oh, no! not enough off to the store I go), meats, olives, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Finally into the oven it goes. Oh, is it YUM-O!! Well worth the trouble. Oh I must mention that the whole wheat crust did not go to waste...NAN used it and made "rolls". Now to the menu for this week. I think we'll be able to stick with it.
Monday: Going to friends for dinner
Tuesday: Chicken Cacciatore from freezer
Wedensday: Salmon
Thursday: going out to eat
Friday: Stir fry veggies with noodles
Saturday: chicken soup
Sunday: chicken pot pie
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I wonder what happened to that pepperoni. Maybe you will smell a funny smell one day and there it will be!

    Tell your girls a special little something is going in the mail tomorrow.


  2. Great story! Sounds like my house. haha We have our huge fridge and freezer, our deep freezer, which is covered in frost right now and needs to be defrosted. Then we have what I call, "Joey's fridge". Basically our old fridge that my dh uses for his drinks and treats and some extra over flow from mine once in a while.

    You should post your pizza pics and chicken soup recipe.


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