Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Emotional Eating

I love to eat, and I can eat alot and not feel "stuffed". I love potlucks and if I'm bored, I'll snack. Several years ago I joined a "Weigh Down Workshop" and lost quite a bit of weight because I was holding onto an extra 40lbs from both my pregnancies. I loved it because it was more of a lifestyle change than a "food restriction", but like anything I didn't stick with it, and most of the weight came back. I've been thinking a lot lately about the principles of it and desiring to get back on track.
The main key was that God created within us a meter to say "hey, I'm hungry", in the way of a tummy growl. It was learning to recognize physical hunger verses emotional hunger. And when I wasn't sensing physical hunger, I would go to the Word of God instead to fill the need I was having at the time.
It also made me realize that I was eating way more than my body needed. Sheesh I acted like there would never be another potluck again, or I'd never taste that 4 cheese fetuccini that I make and love so much...Whatever!! I found that I could eat 1/2 a sandwich and be satisfied. So it was really training me to be sensitive to my "hunger". I also began eating off of a salad plate since this helped me with portion control.
If I was craving something sweet, I might eat one bite and then save the rest for later. If I knew we were going out to eat or having company, I'd maybe bypass one "hunger pain" and wait till that time to eat, or I'd eat wasn't that rigid. When my kids were little they never finished their food that we'd get from the drive through, but I'd end up eating mine and theirs, so I quite buying something for me and just ate their "leftovers".
Snacking on fruit or nuts or some other "healthy" snack is what I've been trying to do recently. I want my kitchen to be a source of health and nourishment. Not gluttony central. I don't make my girls clean their plates. I give them smaller amounts and if they want more they can go back.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I find myself doing the emotional eating and I realize it after I have eaten a bunch of hershey kisses.

    It is hard in the winter time to eat fruits because they are not fresh, and canned sometimes just doesn't taste right. BUT I am working back up to eating more fruits even if they are from a can!

    I have been eating off of a salad plate for dinner for awhile and it does help me with portion control and I always serve up myself veggies first then meat then starch so I end up with more veggies than whatever starch I have made.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Kirstin...I have to watch portion control too....I have recently discovered raw pecans make a great snack too!

    Thanks for being so sweet!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Kirstin! I guess there is a lot of us who have adopted a "lifestlye change" of late. I am terrified that my kids will develop my horrible eating habits and have worked hard at correcting myself. It is tough after years of poor habits. Your tips are very useful and I might try your plan with my kiddos. When it comes to snacks, I have found a granny smith apple fills me right up. I also enjoy roasted almonds.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I always try to watch what I eat for breakfast and lunch...eatting really healthy. Then for dinner I don't worry as much :)

  5. I think it's a constant journey of eating healthy and having healthy families. Both hubby and I need to lose weight and desire to be in good health. It's tough to break bad habits, and I admit some things I resist for sure!! But I try to find alternatives or you know sometimes I just splurge.


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