Week at a Glance

Boy, not much time to blog this week! Usually when I'd find time, I was too tired to think about what to say. I'm battling a sore throat right now and have just felt really tired. There was just a lot of running around and doing things that weren't quite on the "plan". Good thing I'm flexible. Our insulation is complete. Yeah! Now we get to go clean it all up. We told the installers that we would do the clean up and it saved us some money. I went up monday for a few hours and covered up all the windows and anything else we didn't want touched by the insulation. We opted to go with the spray foam insulation which is supposed to be way better than the fiberglass stuff. It fills every space, is environmentally friendly and costs twice as much..ha, ha! But in the long run it will be so much better and more efficient. It is really cool to watch them spray it on. They would spray some on the floors in a disc and let the kids play with it. Now it's on to sheetrock and siding. Whoo Hoo! School has gone well. Still struggling with explaining the math thing but "we will survive". Wednesday I took my dads truck in to have it detailed. When I went to pick it up on thursday the owner discovered that one of his employees had failed to really do a good job on the inside so he didn't charge me for the job. I felt bad, but it was a good move on his part. We are going to have him do our car next week and we'll just request him (the owner) to do it. NEW ADDITION: I forgot to add that Wednesday afternoon the girls and I made heart shaped, pink frosted sugar cookies. They wrapped them up, tied them with string, made heart tags and gave them to some of the youth and young adults at church. A few weeks ago NAN made P.B. fudge and gave it out. They love doing that kind of stuff. Thursday was Valentines day..we usually don't do anything on the actual day, but we will go to a Valentines couples banquet at our church on Saturday. But....KAT had a suprise waiting for me when I got home from picking up the truck. She had made me breakfast. French toast and apple sauce. She had made a flower out of whipped cream on the side and put an M & M in the middle. She made a place mat with paper and decorated it with hearts. It was so sweet. I couldn't take a pic because I didn't have my camera. Last year she made me a smoothie. Then hubby and I went to lunch with a young couple from church. KAT had soccer practice in the afternoon and then in the evening we watched "Snow Buddies" and ate icecream. The movie was so cute. Then off to bed for everyone. Today I have got to go grocery shopping. I'm supposed to make two cheesecakes for the banquet tomorrow but I may cheat and buy them at Costco...shhh....don't tell. I just don't know if I'm up to making them (plus the oven here where we live, doesn't always cooperate with me). I meet with our pastor and our web designer to go over church website stuff this afternoon, then we have worship at the church. I can't wait. Just hope my throat feels better. So just a lot of little things that happened throughout the week that kept me from blogging. I got around to reading some blogs but just not to write. I'll send some pictures of the "insulation" later....since I'm sure you're just dying to see it. LOL! I'll throw in a few of NANs creative picture taking as well. She was in a very creative mood that day and took pictures of everything. Oh, I'll also be sending a few pictures of a section in our house that I need some creative input. So put your thinking caps on. Hopefully I'll do that this weekend sometime. With Joy UNquenchable,


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