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Robin at Bittersweet Punkin gave me this award. Thanks Robin that was sweet. I will be passing it along as well...a bit later.
It has been raining it seems like non-stop, for what seems like forever. I'm tired of it! I'm ready for a little dry weather. Last night was so windy the neighbors tarp kept blowing, keeping me awake for awhile. Last year at this time we were getting ready for our 2 week trip to Florida. I would not mind that right now. At the same time, I really still would like some snow. No, I'm not double minded, I just would like to see some snow or dry weather.
For those who read the bottom of my blog for construction updates our construction inspection yesterday didn't pass. Just a few things we need to biggies. We have an electrical inspection today. Yesterday's inspector did say that we cannot insulate till the siding is on the house. We will probably appeal that. We were wanting to wait till end of March, beginning of April to side. We'll see what happens.
School has gone very well this week. A few times with KAT I've had to say "you're on your own" when it came to math. We tend to get frustrated with one another when it comes to learning new concepts. Overall it has gone well. And I think we're on track as far as how the year will go. This will be the first year that NAN takes the CAT test.
Last night we had youth group. It was a fun night and it was set up like a comedy club. Tables, chairs, and comedy acts. Corn dogs, popcorn, pop and cookies were served. KAT is in youth group and she was on the team that served the food. NAN just tags along but last night she was so cute. She has "heely's" and wore them last night (she wears them anytime she's at the church). She is very good and very fast on them. Last night she zipped by me carrying a tray..empty of course..and I thought, "she looks like one of those roller girls who served drive ups on roller skates". It was hilarious.
We are blessed to be Youth Pastors of an amazing group of young people. Perfect? No, but amazing. Monday, one of our leaders invited us to her house for dinner. What a blast. She served us quesadillas, tacos, cookies and ice cream. Then a bunch of us (a few other young adults were there as well) gathered around the TV for a rousing game of Disney Scene It! One thing I love about our group is the way they love our girls. Many of them have known our kids since they were born, and others not so long. But KAT and NAN have it made. I don't think they know how good they have it. They get invited to go play in the snow, go shopping, just hang out, and they just think it is so normal...and these young people will do things that are geared around the girls. Take them to a movie that is definately a "kid" movie. They are just great.
Well, I'm off to spend some time reading my Bible before everyone else rises...which probably will be in the next 5 minutes. I have a few recipes I want to post. I'll try to do that later today or sometime this weekend.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I am in South Central PA and I am sick of the rain too! Last week we had 2.5" of rain and so far this week another 1.5" of rain! I am so ready for hot summer weather!

  2. I have had to walk away from my Son a few times while learning something new because it seems as if he was resistant to learning it and I let him know that I can only explain this to you about a hundred times then you are on your usually works out!
    Have a great day!

  3. Sorry about the rain. Hopefully it will clear up here soon! Good luck!!!!

  4. I know how you feel about leaving kids on their own to do schoolwork. There have been many times my oldest and I have clashed over math. I am just not as smart as her I guess. haha.
    Sorry you guys are having so much rain...send it our way! We are still under water restrictions from the dought over the summer. Hopefully we will see a little relief soon.
    Have a wonderful Friday,


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