Wow! What a Day

I think I found Jennifer's (chronicles of a night owl) motivation. Or I guess we should say it found me. I'll give back when I'm done with it. I had a very successful and productive day today and it's only 4:00. I took lots of pictures so I'll post those and a few recipes over the next few days. But in a nutshell: I woke up at 6:15, made my coffee and had some really good time in the Word. It's cool when God just keeps giving more revelation. Last night the girls had wanted me to read out of a library book we got (Little Book Treasury...or something like that). But Wednesday is our youth group at church and by the time we got home they needed to hit the sack (they haven't been falling asleep too well). So I said "how about in the morning when you wake up we'll hop in my bed, get under the covers and read a story". So this morning NAN came down the hall in her footie jammies with book under her arm. It was so cute...but I didn't have my camera. So the 3 of us got into my bed, under the covers and read "Mister Dog" and the "Animal Orchestra". Breakfast time....uh, oh! No cereal, no pancake mix, not much milk...yes, I need to go grocery shopping. NAN got out her trusty Gooseberry Patch Kids cookbook and proceeded to find a recipe for some jam filled muffins. She made those for breakfast...they are so good and not too sweet. I'll post a recipe in the next few days. Time for school to start. They managed to get their room cleaned, stayed in their jammies, and got school done all by 12:30. During that time, I made some yummy rolls, and cooked a whole chicken to make chicken soup for dinner. I'll post those recipes later as well. I'm making a meal for a couple in our church so I doubled the soup and saved rolls for well as a few muffins. After lunch I took my dads truck in to get the oil changed, stopped at the grocery store and video store, and back home I came. Soups on the stove now with the veggies cooking. We did manage to crack our front windshield on our car, (or I should say hubby did..while loading a piece of pipe), so that will need to be replaced at some point. All in all, a very successful day. Tonight we are going to a friend's house to watch a movie. I will post pictures and recipes later....gotta go finish dinner now. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. sounds like a wonderful day!


  2. Thank you Missy, it was a wonderful day. I will have to browse your blog a bit, it looks great! Check back in a few days to see pics of the day.

  3. Going to a friends house to watch a movie? You have to be kidding me! You are so lucky. Im jealous.

  4. Hi Kirstin! Sounds like a cozy day...don't feel bad..we got a huge crack in our windshield only a month after buying our new car last year...we were on our way to our friend's beach house in Marysville and got behind a dump truck whose load wasn't covered...yup...a lil rock flew into our windshield..I was so bummed..we still haven't fixed it yet!

    We had leftovers today...this week has flown right by!!

  5. So THAT'S where it went! Yes, PLEASE, when you're finished with it, please send it back my way. I was beginning to think it would be lost forever!!

    What a day! I'm glad my motivation is being put to good use. I hope it won't be worn out when I get it back! Maybe take it easy tomorrow? LOL!

    Glad you had such a productive day. Those feel so wonderful!!

  6. What a wonderful productive day!! I love the part of being snuggled up and reading in bed...what a precious way to start a day:)

    When we were remodeling our kitchen a few years back, we broke out the back glass in our truck...OOPS!

    Hope you have a great day, I'd love to see those recipes.


  7. Mrs. Darling,

    Our friends just bought a 42" flat screen TV. They are opening an adult family/foster home and bought it "for the residents". We tease them with "yeah, sure you did". They are amazing people and will have a wonderful home. But anyways, our whole family went over, ate popcorn, drank juice and cried through "the Ultimate Gift". It was a fun, relaxing evening.


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