Works for Me Wednesday: I'm at a loss...had a thought...garage sales!

How Scary! I'm at a loss for what works for me...I know there are alot of things that work for me, but am drawing a complete blank as to something original. Yikes!
So I thought I'd just share a few small tidbits.....random "works for me thoughts"....but I just had a thought....Garage Sales!
I have a garage sale every year. The money I make pays for my daughters homeschool materials. I have been to many garage sales that are unorganized and chaotic. Needless to say, I do not stay at those very long (though I'm sure I could find some great treasures). Here is what I do to make mine successful and receive many compliments on how organized, clean and well priced they are.
1. Price reasonably. People are at sales looking for bargains. I'd rather price lower and sell everything, then price high and make only a few dollars. If there are items I want to ask more for I may put them out at the sale, but remain firm. If they don't sell then I post those on Craigs list.
Instead of pricing each item individually I price in groupings and put "unless otherwise marked" so if there are items I want to ask more or less for, those are the ones I price separately...I just don't have time to price every book or piece of clothing. So for example: all kids clothes .75 unless otherwise marked, etc..
2. I make cute signs on my computer: Using a large font and even adding a picture.
3. Categorize your tables: All clothing is organized as such: Children's clothes (I separate sizes according to my daughters' girls 10-16, and girls 6-8), Women's clothes, men's clothes. I always include the sizes on the signs.
4. I find a book shelf to show off my books, and baskets for stuffed animals, CD's, and other small items. I put all my housewares on one table, and all toys and kids items on their own table. I might even set up a carpet with a few things so that kids can "test" them out.
5. If I have several items that would go together or are within the same theme (apples, or Christmas) I group them together.
6. I take time to make sure everything is clean. Dusted, washed, etc..
7. I always play music, and the girls usually set up a nice table to sell cookies and juice (note:even if I go to a garage sale and really do not want cookies or juice but some cute little girl or boy are trying to make some money...I buy it anyways!)
8. If selling electronics, have a cord ready so that customers can try it out.
9. On the last day I mark everything down half price. I'd rather make something than nothing.
10. I do my sales on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Starting at 8:00 or 9:00 and going till 6:00. Long days, but I only do it once a year.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Great post on garage sales. Although I don't have them like I used to when my children were younger, I still love to go to them! Works for me!!

  2. You sure have this garage sale thing down! I never had much luck with them. But I love going to them, and can't wait for the nice weather so I can do it again!

  3. I usually only have a sale when I moving ...LOL! But I enjoy going to them!! It sounds like you are very organized!

  4. Great tips, Kirstin.

    Y'know, I've never had a garage sale. Maybe I should try one.



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