Works for Me Wednesday: Consignment stores

Wow! Another edition of Works for Me Wednesday by Rocks in My Dryer
When my oldest was just a baby, someone told me about consignment stores.
I was very blessed by my family because KAT was the first granddaughter and thus was spoiled with clothes. Especially from Osh Kosh because my sister worked at their outlet store.
But we still did not have a clothing budget and as you well know, kids grow out of their clothes regularly. I found an excellent, high quality consignment store nearby and have taken clothes there since 1996. I bring my clothes in, and the money goes on an account. I simply go in, ask what is on my account and come home with more clothes.
They are very picky about what they take so I know I'm getting quality and often name brand clothing. Many times, brands that I would not normally be able to afford. When the girls grow out of clothes and they are still in great condition I place them in a bag to head to Denim and Frills. I pay attention to seasons (since they take things seasonally). The store is set up so cute and they often sell items that are created by other moms. What they won't take I either leave there for them to donate, or if it's close to garage sale time, I'll take it back and sell it at my garage sale. Either way consignment is the way to go. Find a shop that has a good percentage they will give you. I don't do buy out because I get more by consigning.'s a great way to get rid of the old and bring in the new!
The other thing that works is "swapping" clothes. If you have friends or family with children that are staggered with your own kiddo's, consider swapping clothes. We've done this as well. My girls love getting clothing that came from friends.


  1. Hi there - we've always done this with friends. My girlfriend used to work for the Gap so we got bags and bags of clothing for our boys. I love swapping!

  2. I use to do consignment stores but now my friends need so much clothing that I just give the stuff to them. I kinda miss the consignment stores though.

  3. I love consignment shops! You can find the nicest treasures at a fraction of the price. We have a great one in Rome that sounds a lot like the one you use. With kids growing so fast, who wants to pay full price for clothes?!

  4. I used to do that when I lived in CT...but here in WA all they have is Goodwill....

    I usually buy clothing at thrift and I'm really frugal when taking my kids clothes shopping too...they do outgrow things so fast!

  5. That is a great idea. I have some stuff I need to get rid of right now.


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