Wild Day....Apparently!

I received a phone call from my sister today that went something like this.....
sis: "Are you guys okay?"
Me: "yeah....why?"
sis: "Kirstin, do you not watch the news! There is a tornado in Vancouver" (said in kind of a smack yourself on the head way)
Me: "Uh....nope haven't turned it on recently"
Sis: "How is it that I am at work and know and you are right there and have no clue!" (she lives and works about an hour away from me)
Me: "uh...okay, I'll turn on the news".
I turned on the news and sure enough...there was a tornado! The area it hit was probably about 15 minutes from us, and I actually was planning on going shopping today and would have been right in the main area. They are saying it was possibly between an F0-F2..which is obviously the lowest, but for those of us in the NW who don't get tornadoes it would be a scary thing no matter what. It did quite a bit of damage. Last I heard the storm was heading East. Which is away from us. It apparently hit a little after 12:00 and around that time I actually noticed our sky darken quite a bit, but didn't pay much attention. So, gee, what an exciting day....glad I decided to stay home! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I was making lunch for the kids when the news stopped me in my tracks. They had us here in Portland under a tornado watch for a couple hours. It was actually kinda cool.

  2. I thought of you! I knew you were in the Portland Area, but didn't know if you were included in the watch! I grew up in Ohio and can recognize a "tornado" sky, but I just wasn't paying much attention.

  3. How Scary too be so close! I'm glad you all are ok.

    I'm deathly afraid of tornados. If I had been in your shoes today, I would have definitely been better off not knowing at all. Because even when we are under just a watch, I am a nervous wreck. My husband is fascinated by them and wants to see one. And unfortunately my son is taking after him - it terrifies me! My philosophy is if you can see it...you are TOO close! This weather is crazy having tornados in January!!!!

    Anyway - glad things weren't too wild for you!

  4. Hey Kirstin, fun checking out your site! I got an email from my cousin who lives in Vancouver - so that is how I heard about the tornado. Love the recipes below too ... Happy Weekend!

  5. Wow, in winter too. I thought tornadoes and cyclones happened in the summer usually.

    What a funny conversation with your sister. I am often oblivous to what is going on in the media too!


  6. Don't feel bad...I'm kinda close to you here in WA and I didn't know about it either until I saw it on the local news!

    Reminds me of the time we lived in Colorado and the Texas 7 were "on the lam"...a helicopter kept passing over our house really low and my son mentioned it...I turned on the local news and found out that the abandoned getaway vehicle was found down the street!!

  7. Hi Kirstin,

    I am new here and am really enjoying your blog. I was born and raised in WA, so things are very familiar.
    I tagged you for a Meme--come on over to my blog and check it out!



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