A Walk in the Park

About 20 minutes from our home is a beautiful old neighborhood with old homes and a beautiful lake, Lake Sacajawea. It has 3.5 miles of paths and is on 120 acres. Tall trees that line the streets. I love it. But don't get to it very often. My MIL and FIL love to go for walks there on their days off. Yesterday the girls and I went along. I brought my camera because you never know what you might find and I'm trying to get into the habit of carrying it with me. We had a wonderful walk. The air was brisk, but the sky and day were clear and sunny. Perfect day for walking.
I scared the ducks a bit, oops sorry duckies!
Tree lined path. In the fall it is amazing. Grandma and NAN walking along the path
Whenever the girls go, they always stop at this bench and share a memory.
A church along the road
KAT...wasn't very cooperative in the photo opp.
Under the bridge...I'm working on creativity LOL!
KAT took this of the ducks.
Bridge over the lake!
KAT was bored so I handed her the camera and said be creative.
KAT and I lagged behind because we were taking pics, but were so glad because we saw this beaver swimming along. I think we'll make this trip more often. It's great exercise. We get to enjoy the beauty of the lake in all seasons and just be together.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Great photos. I've never seen a beaver.


  2. Those are some great pictures. What a beautiful day.

  3. Hey there Miss Kirstin...I actually have 5 more awards to do but I was so tired I cut my post in half...(I have you down for 2 of my others ones)I wrote them all down in a binder and tried to go through my list...I hate passing them out because I think all of you guys deserve them but I noticed in the past when I said that...nobody was bold enough to claim it unless they were NAMED....LOL. You are more than happy to copy and paste any of them darlin' as a gift from me...I love coming here and you've been on my blogroll for quite a while. You deserve them all!

  4. LOL...thanks Robin...I at times still feel very "lame" in this blogging world...so when I would see the awards I would say to myself "where do they get these, I want to give some out", so I did searches coming up with nothing, so I guess I'll just go "steal" some to give away...I think like you it would be hard, because there are so many to give to and I know I'd have to contact everyone and then I think "oh, I'll do it another day", then don't do it. Guess I better get busy!

  5. Great photos. Looks like a truly beautiful place to hang out. I wish we had something like that a little closer to us!

  6. Your stroll looks so wonderful and absolutley beautiful. You captured everything perfectly. Love the shot of the beaver. That was definitely a treat! Hope all is well!
    ~Hugs~ Jen


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