We have watched a few movies over the last few weeks that I have really liked. 1) The Ultimate gift (we finally got around to seeing that one). I really liked it, though it was sad at the end, the story line was great. 2) Game Plan. At first I was reluctant to see this because in the preview it shows her coming to the door saying "hi, I'm your daughter", and I'm thinking, great...this movie's about a hot shot football player who gets some girl pregnant and...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! But I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had the tact to have him married (though they unfortunately got divorced before he knew she was pregnant) when the mother became pregnant. It ended up being a cute movie. 3) Saving Sarah Cain. That was a winner in our book too. About a young journalist in New York who must take care of her deceased sisters 5 children...who are Amish. Based on books by Beverly Lewis. My girls love all the Air Bud movies and now Air Buddies and I just read they are coming out with a "Snow Buddies" so I'm sure they'll like that one as well. We have also been watching the Love Comes Softly movies. Excellent! I know it's past Christmas, but the 12 dogs of Christmas is another good movie. Anyways just thought I'd share a few of our recent faves.


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