Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Our first week of going meatless and low carb went fairly well. The menu did change several times, but that's okay. This weeks may change. I'd like to browse some other menus and if we get paid this week, may go pick up some other things. This week I do have a few days of "meat" and "potatoe", but not everyday.
But for now this is the pan:
Monday: Veggie Chili
Tuesday: Steamed veggies/rice
Wednesday: Salmon
Thursday: Chicken soup, salad, rolls (making for a couple who just had a baby, so I'll double it)
Friday: Ratatouille or potatoe soup
Saturday: I will be gone, so a "whatever" night
Sunday: stuffed cabbage in the crockpot


  1. Oh, I bet that veggie chili is good! And salmon is so good for you, too. Your whole menu sounds great! Have a terrific week! :)

  2. Sounds good. I really dont think my husband would ever agree to going meatless in this lifetime. But I think I could easily do it. Ive never tried though so I might be talking out of my hat.


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