A Little Longer

This song is an amazing worship song and I found it on You Tube set to clips from Passion of the Christ. I won't say more. I'll let you listen to it and let it touch your heart. It is by Brian and Jen Johnson off their "We Believe" CD.


  1. Thanks. That one definitely makes one want to worship.

  2. That was so inspiring. It made me cry. Thank you.

    Happy new year sweet Kirstin,


  3. Hi Kirsten! That did sound like a crazy week! Are the condos yours or is it work you found to do?
    Bummer about the lice! I remember getting that as a child- not fun! (and probably even less fun for the mom!)
    I'm sorry about the car troubles too!
    That's awesome your hubby is like that! Mine's good at watching the kids- and I guess he'll sometimes tidy up too, but I am just thankful he gives me some me time whenever I need it without complaining!
    By the way, I LOVE the pictures of your children in the snow on the left side bar! I want it to snow here SO bad!!! :)
    Thanks for all of your comments on my blog!
    Love, Alyssa

  4. Alyssa, the pictures in the snow were from a year ago...no snow since...how sad! I would love some snow too!


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