Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Groceries and Snacks

My friend Janelle over at Now, Play Happy posted about groceries today, which I found funny because It thought of posting on that very thing last weekend. I even took pictures of my family will probably think I've gone off my rocker. Our grocery budget for 4 people is $180.00 for 2 weeks and that includes toiletries. Every now and then we may need a few items and so if there is money in the checkbook I will use that, or if I have extra cash elsewhere, otherwise we go without. Now don't get me wrong, I would love a larger grocery budget and sometimes we can add a bit more, but for the most part, that's what I spend.

I do all my main shopping at Winco which is a large grocery chain along the I-5 corridor. They are comparable to the "super" Walmarts, but I think have more to offer. I love their bulk section and their costs of course. Yes, I have to bag my own groceries, but really I don't mind. I couldn't buy what I buy for what I spend at any other store. I also pick up a few items at Costco. Mainly Chicken, Salmon, bread, T.P. (it just lasts longer..and with three females in the house this is important), and their cases of water and maybe a few other things here and there, now and then, but not that often. I also go to Trader Joes's especially for their baby potatoes, chicken broth and other odds and ends.

Keeping within my budget is possible by making my menus ahead of time and making a grocery list. I keep it on my computer and update it as I need things. I steer clear of too much processed foods, or "quick to make" items and snack items like chips, cookies, icecream etc...those are treats and not on a normal grocery list. The main canned things I buy are tomatoe paste, sauce, a few soup items, beans and I just haven't been able to get away from microwave popcorn. I also buy "generic" brands when I can. Oftentimes I can't tell the difference. I included some pics from my recent trip. The T.P. and water from Costco are missing from the pictures, and maybe a few other items...can't remember.

Looking at the pics doesn't look like much, but the cart was full!

My second tip would be for healthier eating. Take baby steps to healthier eating if that's one of your goals.
*Begin by keeping foods and beverages in the house that are low in sugars or better yet, do not have added sugar or other "unhealthy" ingredients. I know I'm not all the way there yet, but I'm continually working on it. Florida's Own O.J. is 100% orange juice.
*I found that Treetop makes some juices that are actually 100% juice with no added sugars. Costco sells "Inn Keepers Bread" which is great.
* Avoid "enriched", "high fructose corn syrup", "sugar" if it's within the first 5 ingredients, too much sodium.
* Keep cut up veggies and fruit handy. Costco sells small snack packs of apples and carrots. Eventually everyone will adjust.
P.S. If anyone has great ways of storing veggies I'd love to hear about it...I hate having tons of plastic bags in my fridge. I used ziploc bags this about storing With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. We spend about 500 a month. We shop the same two stores! Costco and Winco and then we hit sales at Fred Meyer a lot.

    I love looking at peoples groceries. I hope that doesnt make me too weird!

  2. You're not weird...hey, I posted pictures of my groceries, so I guess I'd be weird too!

  3. Great shopping tips!! You look like you did great with your trip! Thanks for the info.


  4. Thanks Kirstin for the sweet comment and thanks so much for listing my blog on your side bar! You have a very nice blog. Great job with the groceries too!!

  5. Kirstin, I would love it if you came to Australia and visited us (even if in the distant future.)

    I have something I would like to ask you off-blog. Could you please email me at kachadwick6(at)hotmail(dot)com?


  6. In 1975, my sister gave me a tupperware container. It is about 12" long, 8" wide (just guessing) and 2.5" deep. The lid and the bottom are the same size. One day I put lettuce in it, and the next day the lettuce was more crisp than the day I put it in. I did not eat meat, and I started putting cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, and things like that in it. It worked well for me. I still have it. Good luck. rx

  7. rx.
    thank you for the tip...I think we may actually have one of those here in the house...I'll have to look.


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