Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Garbage Bowl...NOT!

I love Rachel Ray. Maybe it's because she's Italian, maybe it's because she's loud and laughs at herself, maybe because I look at her and fun to have a cooking show...or maybe I don't know why, but I do! BUT....she always has this "garbage bowl" that she keeps by her side while cooking and into it she throws everything that is to be "garbaged"..peels, etc..
Love the concept, but then I thought, "well, if I do that, then that means one more bowl I have to wash". So my solution was to keep a plastic garbage sack handy (sorry for those who are very "green" conscience"). So all my cooking garbage goes into that. Once it's full, it goes in the garbage. If I have recyclable things I'll rinse them and put them in a bag for recycle. Hopefully once I'm in my new home, those peels and such will go into a compost pile. But this makes for quick clean up, keeps me from having to bend over the garbage can and is just overall convenient.
Later I will be posting a recipe and pics of some veggie chili I made yesterday. Check it out. It was YUM-O!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I do the same thing. It is a "green" way to reuse those grocery bags! Great minds think alike. Love your blog, you are doing a GREAT job!

    Love ya

  2. LOL

    Cdmom posted the exact same tip today!

  3. That's funny! I did not read that entry today. I saw the label grocery sack, and that spurred my idea...I'll have to in and read it.

  4. All our green scraps go to one of our worm farms (we have 2, LOL), to the chickens or into the compost-- no plastic bags needed.


  5. I love her too! And I've done the garbage bowl thing. However, I find that it's much easier for me to just bring the trash can to where I'm working and dump everything in there as I go. Since I don't have much counter space, I like not having an extra bowl or anything sitting there while I'm working. But when I'm working in a bigger kitchen, I totally do the garbage bowl thing. But yeah, it is one more dish to wash!


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