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Yesterday I had Cabbage Rolls on the menu. Since I've set aside Mondays for "Home Ec." days in our homeschool I decided to let the girls help me make dinner. They ended up doing it all themselves. We also made a yummy rice. I'll include the recipe below. NAN's favorite part was mixing the meat...she loved to get her hands in there (clean of course) and smoosh away. She wanted to save some to play with...uhh...no!
KAT's job was to fill the cabbage and roll it up. She also seasoned the sauce. NAN seasoned the meat. They got it just right.
We had leftover meat so we made meatballs.
Added the sauce and some extra cabbage and it was sooo good. I was proud of them. I grew up loving cabbage rolls. My grandma used to work for a caterer and they made it all the time, and my mom made them often. It was fun to make this tradition with my own girls.
Easy Veggie Rice
1 pkg. vegetable soup/dip mix
2 c. chicken broth
1 c. rice (white or brown)
frozen mixed veggies
I used brown rice. So, in a pan, combine soup mix, broth and bring to a boil, add rice. Brown rice takes longer so when it has about 20 more minutes to go, add frozen veggies and finish cooking. If you use white rice, you can add the veggies right away. This was so good and tasty and easy because it took care of my veggies and my rice all in one pot.


  1. The Polish name for them is Gawumpkis! My husband is Polish and I make those often!! We love love love them!! I usually make them in the crockpot and let them cook all day...the house smells so good!!

  2. Yeah! I pretty much love them. I thought of making them in the crockpot but didn't get them started in time. Next time maybe. My dads family is Slavik, and my moms family is Italian, so lots of yummy food, though we ate more traditional Italian foods than Slavik.

  3. Yep my husband is Polish and these are an old time favorite of our too. Your girls look adorable working together like that. You are blessed.

  4. What fun! Ok, so I've never had cabbage rolls, but they look great, and I love to try new things. Can you share your recipe for them?
    I still want to implement the home-ec days here but haven't done it yet. Shame on me. I really need to do this!


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