Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my blogging friends.
Wow, what a crazy week it has been. Grab a cup of coffee and read on. Let me start off with Sunday. Church was wonderful as always. Then hubby, Nan and I took off to run errands in town and pick up KAT from a friends house. We all went to dinner at Red Robin and then thought it would be fun to go look at Toyota Sequoias (our dream SUV)....just for the fun of it as they are still way out of our natural price range, but the perfect SUV for us. Hmmm..how does that work? Only supernaturally! Anyways that was fun, but we couldn't even get into a used one at the price they are....so I just drooled. I even looked inside a new 2008 one...strange look on the inside, but I think I could get used to it..I'm a buttons and gadgets kind of gal, and these had a lot!! So, with that all done we came home and I got packed to leave for Mt. Hood to clean condos for 4 days. Enter Monday morning...all packed and ready to go. The drive up was beautiful. Clear, blue sky, snow covering everything in a blanket of white (I'll post some pictures later). We arrived only to find that not all the rooms were finished, so we could really only clean what was done. It was fun and yet a lot of hard work. Temperatures outside were about 29 degrees. I just cannot work in pants so I wore shorts. By Wednesday we realized we couldn't clean any more units so we decided leave early and go back when everything is complete. In communicating with my hubby throughout the week everyone was having fun. They went to a New Years Eve gathering and then a New Years Day lunch with family friends that my hubby's family has gotten together with since he was a kid. That is always so much fun. When we got married it started out with just the older parents and a bunch of young marrieds. Over the years many children have been added and it just makes the day so much fun. I missed it. Wednesday morning I called home to say that we were coming home early and was informed that we had an outbreak of lice. NAN had it the worst, KAT had just a few...we have no idea where it came from and this is the first time either have had it. Thankfully my hubby is amazing and had everything under control by the time I got home later in the afternoon. His mother was the "lice lady" for years at the school, and he had another friend over to help out. He proceeded to go to the laundromat to wash everything. Oh, before this he also informed me that he backed into one of the gals car who was parked in our drive and messed up her bumper (he couldn't see it behind our car). As soon as I pulled in the driveway I dropped my stuff off, made him a sammy and headed to the laundromat to help. We have a 92' chevy lumina that is kind of our "get around town second vehicle". I loaded a few baskets in it to put clothes in, and shut the door. As the door shut I heard a THUD. I looked in the back and realized that our entire back window was shattered and the middle of it was now sitting in the backseat! My first thought was "WHAT! You have got to be kidding!", my second thought as I drove it to my inlaws was "okay God, what's your plan for all this...is it to test our responses or perhaps you're about to bust out and do something amazing in our lives....enemy we will not "react" to this day". I left the car at the inlaws and took their car to the laundromat. We finished washing, drying and folding clothes and headed home. I drove to Vancouver to buy new pillows and some other items. By the time I got home everything was cleaned, girls room rearranged and all clothes put away. Phew! What a day! And we came through with flying colors...a few emotions from the girls (this was really rough on them), but all is well. I woke up this morning and have been feeling like I'm fighting a cold but I'm rebuking it and speaking healing over myself! As well as protection, favor and provision for all the expenses that occurred in one day! The girls are at grandmas watching a movie and after I post, I need to begin working on our tax stuff as well as research some new recipes. Hubby wants to try to really cut the carbs and do more veggies for the next 2 weeks. So I think we're back to normal...whatever normal is. I decided not to worry about school this week...we'll pick it up next week. I must say my hubby is amazing! Whenever I leave town (which is rare) I know I will not return to a messy house or chaos..he is so good at jumping in and helping out with anything and everything. I am a blessed woman. And he has been working non-stop on our house. So Kudo's to him. I cannot wait to get back into a blogging routine and also take some time to catch up with some of you! Okay, must go finish some things. Have an amazingly blessed day! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Oh my what an awful day!

    Glad you looked at it so positively though. M

    My hubby is good at keeping things done when I go away too. I always pity my girlfriends who come home to messes.

  2. You are blessed, indeed.

    But WOW what a few days!

    Lice....NO FUN! We had to deal with that a few years ago when my younger cousin lived with us (we had guardianship of her at the time.) The bad thing was, I didn't realize she had it until it was passed to ME!! (We're sure she had gotten them when she went to visit her Dad.) AAACCCKKK!! If I were you, I'd have your hair checked too...just in case. Because your house could have been "exposed" several days before they were discoverd on the girls! (HOPEFULLY not though!) We had a time getting rid of those things - ugh.

    Anyway - your outlook is very uplifting. I hope to be able to handle everything that comes my way with such grace!

  3. Wow Kirstin...thats NOT the way you wanted to start the New Year!! I hope things get better for you!

  4. A-ha! Never mind about the question I asked- I see that the condo cleaning was a job you found- sounds like a cool way to make some extra cash! :)
    Love, Alyssa

  5. I am hoping to go back to the condos and help finish cleaning them...my goal...a laptop!


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