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It's late and though I'm tired, everyone's in bed and I like the quiet. I had started to make hot chocolate earlier but forgot about it, so oh well! The weather has started to mellow out. It hadn't stopped raining since Sunday morning. Our river is high but not close to flood stage. I have heard stories of others who were close and others who have been stranded. In one section I-5 has been closed both ways due to water on the road. I used to live near Snoqualmie Falls and it is amazing during flood stage. If you do a google search for "Snoqualmie falls at flood stage", there's a pretty cool You Tube video of it. I had every intention of blogging over the weekend but was just too busy. It was all good but just no time to sit at the computer. Our church has worship on Friday nights and prayer on Saturday nights, then our Sunday service. All of which we never want to miss. I helped my MIL pick out rugs for their house, then there was a housewarming, a leaders Christmas party not to mention laundry and the like, and everything else I've forgotten. Today the girls and I helped decorate our church for Christmas, then home to do other things. They put together a Gingerbread house from Costco. They are the best. Only $8.98 and really cool...I'll post a picture tomorrow. The chicken and spinach stuffed shells that I had on my MPM turned out really good. I will figure out how to link that tomorrow as well. Or I'll post the recipe. Well, I'm not making much sense and I'm boring myself, so I'll just go to be.
Until tomorrow, Kirstin


  1. Hi Kirstin...we are having pouring rain here in Maple Valley.....we had a bit of a lull earlier but it's picked up again. No flooding in my area but I have been watching it on the local news.

    There are some days where I can't get to the computer or just don't have the drive to blog....I think we all feel that way every now and then!
    Stay Dry!!

  2. Robin,

    I grew up in North Bend, and my inlaws lived in Auburn until 2 years ago. We had a few of our young adults go to an intern program (Masters Commission) at a church in Maple Valley...can't remember the name now, it's been several years. I love that area! But love our area too.

    I think the weather is going to dry out, which would be wonderful.

    Be blessed,


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