Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I thought I'd share a few favorites today. Items that make my kitchen run much smoother. I'm also including a picture and link to the chicken and spinach stuffed shells I made last night.
FAVE #1: THE PAMPERED CHEF FOOD CHOPPER. Love this tool. It chops anything and everything from onion (no tears), garlic, nuts, etc. It will do a rough or fine chop or mince items. It is just nice and quick.
FAVE #2: BULK FOOD. At our Winco grocery store the bulk section is amazing! I love using this for herbs and spices that I don't use often and that tend to be expensive, then I find cute containers to store them in. I also purchase my flours, granola cereal, mixed nuts, that section. I store them in ziploc bags or glass jars. It so much less expensive. I'm sure there are those who would argue the quality, but...when you're on a budget, this is a life saver.
FAVE #3: ONLINE RECIPES: I love recipes, I love cookbooks and magazines, but I've also learned to love online dream is to have a computer in my kitchen with thousands of recipes at my fingertips! Take advantage of them. Especially if storage for cookbooks is limited. They can even be printed on cute paper and placed in a separate notebook.
Now, with that's the pic and link for the Chicken and spinach stuffed shells that I made from the Pauladeen magazine website.This was so good! The pic I included doesn't show the mozzarella on top. I will definitely make this again. I didn't use jar sauce like the recipe suggested. My family does not like jar sauce, but homemade.


  1. I don't have the Pampered Chef food chopper, but I do have one by Tupperware, and I love it! I don't dread chopping onions anymore because of it. The Chicken and spinach shells look yummy!
    Amy @


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