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Jen at Keeping Up with the Jones's tagged me...thanks Jen. So here I go. I've been asked to share 12 things about Christmas and myself. 1. Christmas is my favorite holiday. 2. In the past (and hopefully again in the future), we make lots of Christmas cookies and take them to neighbors with a note of blessing. 3. I love blessing my own family and others with gifts. 4. I anticipate listening to Christmas music all month long...and then some if I can get away with it. Jen, it drives my hubby crazy too...I'll listen to it as soon as Thanksgiving is over...I love it. 5. We traditionally have Clam chowder for dinner on Christmas Eve, then go look at Christmas lights and on Christmas morning we have Cinnamon rolls. 6. I love to decorate for Christmas. I haven't done it for two years since we don't live in our own home, but next year I plan on going all out!! 7. I love watching Christmas movies. Old and new! My daughters are addicted to the Hallmark Channel and all the Christmas specials there. 8. We open one present on Christmas Eve. Usually from my grandma who lives in Florida. 9. My goal is to not be a last minute shopper, but alas....it has happened again. Next year, I'll do it sooner, and do more online. 10. Growing up we'd wait till Christmas morning to put baby Jesus in the manger. 11. We love entertaining during the holidays, having people over to eat and play games. 12. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas in my own home next year, complete with a Christmas Tree. I tag Janelle, bittersweet punkin, and Cherie to join in on the fun.


  1. Thank You for sharing! It is fun to get to know you a little better.


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