I Feel Special

Jen at Keeping up with the Jones' nominated me for two awards. Thank you Jen. That makes me feel special. It's funny how often I read everyone elses amazing blogs and wonder if I encourage and inspire anyone the way they do. My ultimate goal in blogging I think, really is to be an encouragement and an inspiration. To share and learn with everyone else. To be transparent in the things of life and my passion for God. I think as women it is so important to be transparent, to know that it's okay to let people know we aren't perfect and don't have it all together, and certainly don't know everything. I know I'm not there yet and I'm still learning this bloggin thing and getting back into writing so Jen thank you so much! I love your blog as well and always get inspired by it. So, on the note of awards where do you ladies find all these little awards? Also wondering how you create cool signatures?


  1. Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas. May you find peace and goodwill in your hearts and homes this season!


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