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Wow! What a week. Do you ever get to the end of the week and wonder what in the world you accomplished. Well I felt like I had A.A.A.D.D if you haven't heard of it click the link and you'll understand. I still have Christmas cards to send out. I'm waiting on a few addresses, and I need some inspiration to write a letter to out of town friends and family. I ordered 100 cards (thinking somehow that was enough...we give them to our church family as well) and by golly I had to cut out 16 people (sorry people)...I'll just send theirs via e-mail. But that has been a lingering project because I've drawn a blank as to what to write in my letter. Sunday was my birthday. We didn't really do anything specific since it was Sunday so we were at church, then had a soccer party, then a youth leaders party (but they blessed me with a choc. cake from Costco and a sweet card). My family gave me a gift certificate to our local beauty salon for anything I wanted (I don't usually pamper myself) and my in-laws gave me a beautiful bunch of roses. We made it through a school week. There was friction though and I did threaten to send them to public school if they didn't shape up...oops my bad! We got through though and think we'll survive. It's just the butting heads that gets to me. Yesterday I attended a funeral and then we ran errands for my oldest daughters birthday party tonight. Oh, back track. last night I had a young adult girls pajama party/Christmas party to go to and we were all to make handmade gifts to give away. Well my oldest daughter...okay I'm changing nicknames...oldest = KAT, youngest = Nan....okay that'll work, so KAT, while I was at the funeral decided to help mom out because she knew I wouldn't have time to make something and was out of money, made me chocolate fudge to take to the party. I had a moment of panic as I thought "did I even have ingredients for fudge.....and where did you get the recipe", but it was great and I was so appreciative of her thoughtfulness...she is a very kind and compassionate person even when going through the preteen stuff! The party with the girls was a blast. I'm so glad they invited me. I wish I brought my camera, but didn't. We played a Christmas game where we had to guess Christmas songs by looking only at the first letter of each word, so for example: DYHWIH? Answer: Do you hear what I hear? It was hard! Yesterday I also helped my hubby on the property moving rock for our back porch/sidewalks. Boy will it all look nice when it's done. Also trying to decide on gutters. I will send a few pictures later of our house plan. I love it! Can't wait for it to be done. Today will be spent doing school, hopefully finishing up cards and Christmas letter and having a birthday party! I know I don't often share about what goes on in our daily life....after reading other blogs by totally gifted writers I often feel a bit boring and inadequate, but I will share as things as they come up. Oh, KAT and I checked out a new store yesterday, Steve and Barry's. It's a clothing store. It was pretty neat. Very reasonable, set up like Old Navy. We didn't buy anything, but I will go back.


  1. I know your week and I definitely know AAADD. How funny! Enjoy your weekend, daughter's birthday, and best of luck finishing up those Christmas cards. That is a project still sitting on my desk waiting to be tackled! One would think I would use this down time to get it done.
    Many Blessings~Jen


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