Hey What Happened!

I just went to my blog and noticed the picture that was in my header is not there...do you guys see it? Any idea why it's missing? when I go to my template and view it to edit, it's there...just not when I view it.....


  1. No, there is no pic in the header when I view it either.

  2. My picture is missing as well and everything I upload is fuzzy. I guess it's a blogger problem.

  3. Well, I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one, but that stinks. If I go to my template and put the picture "in place of title" it shows up, but not if I chose the option to have it "behind title & description". Let's keep each other posted on the solution, because how boring does this look!

  4. I have heard several people are missing their headers. I don't know what is going on. Mine has not vanished yet.

    Hopefully it will return soon.



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