Well, I'm making progress! Yesterday I finally got all 100 Christmas cards in the mail..whoo hoo! They've only been sitting on my desk for 2 weeks. Then KAT and I went Christmas shopping. She needed to shop for NAN and dad and a friend. We also bought a cute outfit for her to wear to church on Sunday since she's singing a song in the kids choir. We bought a cute pair of gray leggings, and a pretty black Sweater dress. She decided she's wearing black flip flops and painting her toes red and white. This girl would be content in soccer shorts and t-shirts forever. I also got caught up on a few other things that have been lingering. I still have to go out to the garage and organize some of our stuff and bring it to where we are storing much of what we own. Today I'm taking NAN shopping so she can buy gifts for dad. It's raining, and I hate shopping in the rain, but oh, well! Tomorrow hubby and I are going Christmas shopping for our girls and other family, then I'm meeting a friend so we can shop for the family that some families in our church are will be a busy day. I was planning on taking the girls to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, but I didn't like what the "plugged-in review" had to say about it, so I don't think we'll go. I was bummed. The TV commercial looked so cute. Maybe I'll try to track down one of the old cartoon versions. The rest of the week we'll wrap gifts and at some point grocery shop! I think it's coming together. The week after Christmas I'm heading to Government Camp in Oregon to help 2 friends who have a cleaning business clean a bunch of new condo units. We'll leave Monday the 31st and come back on Jan. 3rd. It's a 2 hour drive one way and we don't want to drive back and forth especially in the snow. I'll be able to make a little extra money (which will be put away to save for a laptop)


  1. I am glad you got some things done and some shopping in there too! Do you think this rain we are having here in WA will turn to snow for Christmas? Wouldn't THAT be nice!

  2. Government Camp? Thats aboout 45 mintues from me!

    I havent sent out cards yet. I guess I better get in gear!

  3. Congrats on getting your cards out. I was so bad last year, I didn't send a single one. But I got myself back together this year. However, I was PLANNING to make my cards and THAT didn't happen! But I think the picture and letter were sufficient!

    About the Chipmunk movie - I consider myself fairly strict about what my kids watch, and we took them to see it and LOVED it! I find that with most of these review sites, they cover every tiny little detail and often make them sound worse than they are. I just went and read that review and realized that half of that stuff I either missed or it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds. I know you have to make the decision for your family though, but I wanted to let you know it really isn't bad. Most of those comments are said in a way that, unless your kids are really in tune, go right over their head. My 13 year old didn't pick up on most of it! But I also understand that though I'm pretty selective, there are things I'll let my kids watch that others won't (and a lot that people think I'm too strict on teh other hand!) Maybe someone who knows you has seen it and they can let you know more? I just though it was so cute. Though I think it appealed more to the hubby and I because we grew up with the Chipmunks!
    Or maybe it's one you may need to wait and preview yourself before the kiddos watch - we have to do that a lot!
    Anyway, just wanted to give you my thoughts on it - hope it helps!

    (Didn't mean for this to be so long!)

  4. Jennifer, thank you for your thoughts on the movie. I am pretty picky about what the girls watch so I do appreciate reviews by people who consider themselves somewhat "strict" and enjoy a movie. I suppose they do tend to pick up everything in the reviews. And actually around here after this week the only place it's showing is about 40 minutes away and only until the day after Christmas so I may wait anyways for the video.

  5. I hope you get to see it at some point - one way or the other. Back before we had the convenience of finding a review online it was really difficult. We went to a movie once (I don't remember what it was now) and held our breath a time or two on some stuff we were praying would go over CJ's head. (Thankfully it did.) If it had been much worse, we would have walked out. So I'm thankful at the reviews. But they crack me up when I happen to read one after I see the movie on some of the things they mention. But I'm thankful they are very thorough! We don't go to the theater too often (it goes in spurts!) unless it's a movie we think we just "have" to see! A lot of them we will wait until we can watch at home. And then I like having total contol - either stopping if necessary, or being able to view alone first and then deciding if it's ok.

    What blows my mind is the stuff in a PG movie now days is sometimes stuff that would caused it to be an R rating once upon a time. So you just never know. I'm shocked at some of the things people let their kids watch. I know we can't keep them under a rock, but I want to keep their innocence as long as I can!


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