Gingerbread Houses

Thought I'd share a few pictures of the gingerbread house my girls made yesterday. I get these kits from Costco. they are the best and only cost $8.99. There are gingerbread trees and gingerbread men as well, but they opted to not put them on this year...and all are completely edible. All the candies and frosting and tray come with them. The tray has grooves so it makes it easy for the house to stand up. We lost a gumdrop off the window. boo hoo!
Girls with their masterpiece.


  1. Hey Kirstin we did one too, but I superglue it together first. It makes it even easier to keep together! Ours has all been ate up (except for the super glue).

  2. Yeah, the girls plan on eating theirs and so when I mentioned glue they looked at me like I'd fallen off my rocker. So we nixed the glue idea.

  3. Love the house and your girls are so pretty!! I bet they had great fun!

  4. Great gingerbread cake. Very nicely decorated.

    Your girls are both very pretty.



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