Christmas Wrap-Up

It's a wrap! Gifts are bought and wrapped. Food has been purchased except for the sourdough bread bowls that I ordered from the grocers and need to pick up Monday morning. I had the hardest time finding those this year. I hated buying them at Safeway, but didn't have a choice. I think I shopped in Vancouver or Portland every day this week....can we say crazy! I had one on one days with each girl, which was so much fun. I love my girls (duh!). Their personalities are so very different. Which makes it fun to be with each of them. Hubby and I did shopping for the girls Wednesday and then I met up with a friend in town to buy gifts for the family we are blessing. Thursday the girls and I went shopping for groceries (mine and my MIL's). So I pushed one cart with our list and KAT pushed her cart with my MIL's list (they manage a hotel and she couldn't get away to shop). Talk about a crazy trip, but we did it! There was so much going on all week I barely had time to sit down to the computer. One thing I love about our daughters is their unselfishness. Things are tight this year due to home building and thus the number of gifts under the tree isn't much, but they don't care. They don't care if they receive a gift that's been homemade or purchased at Walmart. They don't need to have the latest and greatest and most expensive. They love to give! They're more concerned with other's receiving gifts than they are themselves. I'm so proud of them. Right now my girls are shopping with one of our young adult girls from church and hubby is helping some friends work on setting their mobile home in place, which means....I have a quiet house to myself! Whoo hoo! I finished wrapping the gifts that we purchased for the family that some of our church families are blessing. We are delivering them this afternoon. I was so pleased with everyones generosity. We were able to purchase all of things that were on their lists and then some. I cannot wait to deliver! Christmas eve will be spent at our in-laws eating clam chowder and salad. I'd like to drive around and look at lights. We have yet to do that this year. Our girls will spend the night there and we will show up early Christmas morning...which means I'll need to get up extra early to make cinnamon rolls. I believe the breakfast menu includes cinnamon rolls, ham and eggs. Lunch will be the traditional turkey dinner. We also plan to do some fellowshipping with friends during this break, eating and playing games. And of course work on our house!! I thought I'd include a few pictures of the girls. We were at a local consignment shop and found these super cute hair thingies and they were only .97 each pack of 2. I wanted to get a picture of them both with their hair the same, but KAT wouldn't cooperate and thus hers didn't show was a bit of an emotional day so maybe I can get it to work another time. Oh, the joys of having a preteen is a joy but lots of work teaching and learning to balance and recognize emotions. The dog is my inlaws. I was able to get one of NAN's...the hotdog! The bells jingle and so when she shakes her head you hear all this tinkling sound. I pray that all of you have an amazing Christmas! As I sit here thinking about Christ's birth and how that one act of bringing Heaven to earth, set the pace for what God had planned for the rest of eternity. To bring Heaven to Earth everyday of our lives.


  1. Sounds like you've been quite busy. Now you can relax and enjoy!

    Isn't it great to have kids like that? I am so proud of my 13 year old. He's such a practical kid. He asked for his room to be painted and re-done for Christmas. And I can do it for SO much less than getting him a bunch of "stuff". I love that he's simple and unselfish. I'm so thankful he's not greedy and doesn't need all the "in" stuff! My little one doesn't know the difference yet - and she's happy no matter what. I know exactly how you feel. And it definitely makes it easier to be a parent to kids like this - especially when the money is lean! I guess we are doing something right, huh?

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Your girls are beautiful!!!

    Have a Merry Merry Christmas!!!

  3. It sounds like you are going to have a picture perfect CHristmas. It is wonderful that your girls are developing such wonderful characters. I know you are proud of them. They are beautiful by the way! I wish you all a very blessed and happy Christmas.
    ps. I nominated you for two awards. See my blog for details!

  4. Merry Christmas sweet Kirstin. May your day be everything you could wish.



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