Christmas Day Recap

Christmas was a success....not that I didn't think it would be. Christmas Eve morning I dropped the girls off at grandma's and I headed into town to do some last minute shopping. The stores were not crowded at all! Yippee. I went home, wrapped last minute bought gifts and then hubby and I headed to my inlaws at around 3:30. We had a few single gals from church over as well as my hubbys youngest brother and his girlfriend. I made yummy clam chowder in wonderful, fresh, sourdough bread bowls. We played Apples to Apples Jr. Then hubby, the girls, myself and a friend drove around looking at Christmas lights then went and drank hot chocolate. The girls slept at grandma and grandpas so we went home to get their sleeping attire and clothes for the next day. Grandma bought them new jammies so they decided to sleep in those. NAN got footie p.j.'s which she's been wanting for awhile (she's wearing them again fact, she's still in them). Apparently they only received a few hours of sleep that night. They stayed up telling stories and watching movies with grandma. Then got up early Christmas morning. I woke up Christmas morning at around 5:30 to make cinnamon rolls. I was on a roll when I realized that I didn't have cream cheese for the frosting and Safeway didn't open till 8:00, so around 7:15 we headed over to the inlaws minus the cream cheese. Cinnamon rolls were popped in the oven for their final rising, then baked to perfection. I adapted the frosting recipe using only butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and milk. I was pleased with the taste. I helped my MIL in the kitchen getting everything ready for the meal. Everyone snacked on sweets and veggies. My other BIL and his boys arrived around 10:00 and we commenced opening gifts.....after we set out the myriad of goodies he made (he is in food services on a christian retreat facility and loves to cook). The kids all thoroughly enjoyed their gifts. My nephews are great boys and all the kids get along so well. At around 12:00 another couple arrived for dinner and the task of eating began. YUM-O! But how sad that you spend so much time preparing and cleaning and only a few minutes eating. My MIL makes the most outstanding dressing and gravy! After all the dinner leftovers and table were cleared, we sat down for a rowdy game of Hand and foot (which can last for hours). The cousins played, watched movies and ate goodies. Around 6:45 everyone left for their own homes and the rest of the evening was spent putting away things and relaxing. I would say it was successful! Next year we get to host in our own home! Yippee. Below are a few pictures from the day. My MIL makes the grandkids sweat outfits every year. This pictures lighting is terrible, but was the only full length shot of all of them I had. They love what grandma makes. Oh, hey! It even snowed throughout the day...nothing stuck however...but it still came down. I went to sleep watching the snow fall.
KAT was a little excited to receive Heeley's. We got NAN some after thanksgiving (early Christmas present) and KAT's comment was "you didn't get me any?"....uhhh, I didn't think she wanted them she got them. I do need to get a different size though.
NAN likes her gloves and puppy from her big sister...she is our expressive one.
I think someone probably said something that made her think "I can't beleive you said that..." was a cute face.
Yeah! Miss Expressive! I should have added the picture of her face at a gift that she just wasn't too sure about....
Someone obviously didn't get much sleep Christmas Eve night!
This was my favorite. An older couple and longtime friends of my hubbys family knew that NAN liked the Willow Tree figures and knew that I had mentioned wanting the nativity set, and got us this set for christmas. The whole thing is quite spendy and I figured I'd just start getting it in increments. Adding to it every year. I'm so excited for this first set. They are just beautiful. Today hubby is working on the property, girls and I are relaxing. We played a few rounds of Disney Scene It. We are having company over this evening so soon I'll start getting ready for that. Chicken Cordon Bleu, potatoes, broccoli with swiss cheese sauce. I was going to do foccacia bread but we're eating late so we'll forgo the bread.
With Joy UNquenchable


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful christmas!Love all the pics!


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