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Every Thursday I will share a little quote and a few thoughts to "Provoke" your thoughts. Feel free to share your thoughts. I only ask that you share them with character and tact.'s the thought for this week:
"Every thought and action of your life speaks allegiance to God or to satan..renewing your mind means learning to recognize what comes from hell and what comes from heaven, and agreeing with heaven"...Bill Johnson
Do you realize that even though you may be saved, and walking in the kingdom, sometimes your thoughts, actions or words are actually in agreement with hell. If those things reflect anything that is contrary to what God says, then they are not in agreement with His kingdom. We are in agreement with Hell. From the littlest attitude, thought or word, to the so called "hidden" things (which really aren't hidden, because God is all-knowing). Boy wast that an eye opener for me. I encourage you to read the book by Bill Johnson, The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind. It's going to take transformed minds (being transformed and renewed on a daily basis because we're still human) to walk in the supernatural power of God. Begin to ask yourself on a regular basis, "was that action, were those words in agreement with God or with satan". I think the more we honestly do this and the more we become aware of it, the more our minds will be transformed. Why else does the word often repeat things like "set your minds...renew your mind.."


  1. Great post. It is usually my thoughts that I need to watch better; pretending that everything is all right on the outside whilst having the blackest thoughts inside. Gossip is also something I need to work on, because I love to socialise, though I *am* improving in this area.

  2. God has been really downloading so much new revelation to me (to our church)and I've been saved for 20+ years, but so many layers to be removed of how I thought before. There is so much more that He wants for us (me). I love to be challenged even though at times I like to say "okay Lord, give a little break here, I'm on overload".

    By the way...I noticed you were from husband was just there last October visiting Hillsong Church. This was his second time there, adn my daughter wants to go as well. One thing he mentioned was the bacon there was amazing...not like our wimpy stuff.

  3. I grew up in Sydney and visited Hillsong as a teenager, long before it was as huge as it is now. I grew up in the hills district that feeds Hillsong.

    I now live about 800 km further south in Melbourne, which is the second largest city in Oz.


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