Removing candle Wax

Maybe many of you have heard of this trick, but when I learned it, I was so excited! Several years ago I made the mistake of blowing out a Partylite pillar candle and the blue wax went onto my walls, futon cover and carpet. It was there for several months. One night I had a candle party and the woman doing the party showed me a great trick. Simply take a paper grocery bag, lay it over the hardened wax and using a warm iron run it over the bag. The heat will cause the wax to soak up into the bag. Keep moving the bag around until all the wax is absorbed. The wax came right up and you would have never known it ever spilled. I was going to include some pictures that I just did (I made a sample..but don't tell anyone I purposely spilled wax on the carpet), but I can't get the pictures right on the blog so you'll just have to take my word for it.


  1. Great tip! I've popped you on my blogroll too.

  2. I found Kirstin's method about 80% effective on a white crochet table runner with blue candlewax. To take it a step further, I applied a few drops of STP auto degreaser, and blotted firmly with clean paper towels. Finally, I treated the spots with Shout spot remover, and then laundered with warm water and dish soap. This was about 98% effective, which a lot better than replacing my table runner!


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