I love browsing everyone's menu ideas. Especially when I'm feeling uninspired and not sure what I want to make. I'll need to go grocery shopping sometime this week. Hopefully wednesday or thursday. Last week we pretty much ate at my inlaws from thanksgiving on. Dined on leftovers and watched Christmas movies. Well, I'm thinking the plan this week could be up in the air, but at least there's a plan! So Here it is: Monday: Split Pea Soup, rolls Tuesday: Salmon, rice, veggie Wednesday: possibly tomato soup and grilled cheese Thursday: Possibly out to dinner Friday: Turkey or elk stroganoff


  1. Great menu! And you just reminded me I haven't posted mine yet today. Actually, I haven't finished planning it! Guess I need to get busy!

  2. Ha! As of this morning, I hadn't thought about it either, and it could definately change. The split pea soup is on the stove now. I like it chunky so I had carrots and potatoes, and bought some cubed ham to put in it instead of a hambone. Figured I'd save time.

  3. Thanks for joining us! Sharing and getting ideas from others is what it is all about, so glad it has helped you.



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