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I mentioned in our "Welcome to my blog" that we are building our own home! I thought I'd share that little adventure with you. In June of 2006 we sold our home in a small neighborhood and bought 2 acres about 1/2 mile away. We knew that in order to have the house we wanted, we'd be doing the building ourselves, and we wanted to do as much of it as debt free as possible. An amazingly generous older woman in our church opened her home to us while we build and here we are 1 1/2 years later, still living in a house that isn't ours while building the one we will for sure occupy by August of 2008...whoo hoo! It has been a blessing living here, but it has it's moments. I miss having my own kitchen, my own furniture, my own everything. I can't wait to not have to go to the garage to get food out of my refrigerator or cupboard. I can't wait to decorate for holidays and the list goes on. But our family of four have managed well and our girls still love each other even though they sleep together in a twin bed. I love the home we're building and will probably love it more because of all the labor that was put into it. My hubby does a tremendous job and does it with excellence. It is hard when you don't have 24/7 to put into it and are truly relying on God's provision for everything.
This is our "kingdom property". Our desire is that it be used to further the kingdom of God, to be used however He sees fit. I just thought of an old song by Amy Grant "If these walls could speak". Well, we want our walls to speak of love, joy, acceptance, laughter, peace. We want the rooms to be filled with people. The yard busy with entertaining both friends and strangers. We wanted a bigger home not only for our own family but for the many youth that find their way into our living room to hang out, to host Bible studies, get togethers, sleepovers and anything else that comes our way. It's named that also because it's God who has opened the doors, and it's only by his supernatural provision that we are able and are going to be able to do this.
I've included a picture of where we are right now on the building....oh, I should add, we are building this in phases. This is only the first phase. We hope to complete the whole house in a few years. The sooner the better.


  1. Wow, what an inspiring post. I am really impressed with the work that you do.



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