Holiday Cupboard/Holiday Notebook

I have two holiday tips I wanted to share this week. #1 My grocery budget isn't large, and I usually don't have a "holiday food" budget. I love to bake but as you probably know, ingredients for all those goodies can start to get spendy. A few years ago I began having a "holiday cupboard, or holiday shelf". Early in the fall I try to decide what I want to bake, then each time I go grocery shopping I buy one or two items and place them on a special shelf, or in a section of my cupboard. These items are strictly for baking my holiday goodies. And by the time I'm ready to bake I have all my ingredients and didn't kill my budget. #2 Several years ago after the death of my mother a wonderful friend invited me to be a part of a holiday organization e-mail loop made up of local friends. I knew several of these ladies and have been a part of this group ever since. I love their friendship and all their amazing ideas!! From that I created a holiday notebook. In it I place sheets that include: gift giving list, card list, baking list, menus, etc.. and I place recipes in it as well so everything holiday related is in one spot. I also recommend you go to: for more forms. I do mine on excel, but these are great and next year I may use them. I am in to being organized and having things in one place.


  1. Great Ideas! I love the notebook idea I have ideas bouncing around my head on expanding that to fit me and my life.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's the cool thing...expanding and creating to meet the individual need! I am so looking forward to being in my own home next year to do so much more!



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