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I have always envied the kitchens that have "baking Centers". You know the ones....the counter is a little lower to enable working with dough, there's a section for your appliances etc.. I wanted to create some type of a baking center at my old house so here's what I did. I purchased several of the white, square, plastic canning containers in different sizes. I then decided what baking items I'd put in them (cornstarch, chocolate chips, walnuts, grains, etc..). I made labels for them on my computer, filled them, and stacked them neatly in one cupboard. I loved how they looked. On 3 shelves of one cupboard I only put baking type items, flour, sugar, etc. This way when I went to bake everything I would need was in one place. I even placed my blender on that side of the counter so it was closer. I like how organized this looks. I had clear large jars for my flours and sugars. Use baskets to organize other items like chocolate bars, etc.. I cannot wait to equip my kitchen in my new house (see previous post about home building). Right now everything is here and there at the house we are living in and I have to go out to the garage to get most of my stuff. But I still keep my own cupboard in the garage organized. I have a baking shelf, a snack shelf and the other shelves hold canned goods, etc..I use plastic baskets to keep bags of pasta, or other bulk items organized. I hope to someday have real baskets to hold produce, etc..Can't wait to post those year sometime! For some other great containers check out IKEA or World Market. THey're inexpensive and really cool looking. I think it's important to do the most with what you have. So what if you don't have a $50,000 kitchen..make the most of your kitchen. Get creative. Make it your oasis. Face it ladies, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we should therefore love being in it.

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  1. Your baking boxes sound like a great idea.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It's so nice of you to say my garden looks green. It has been badly stressed by 11 years of drought but I only show the good bits on my blog!

    You asked how I put pictures in my text. That was something I couldn't work out when I started in May. You need to download all your pictures before you write, in reverse order i.e. the bottom one first, then write around them. You can't add pictures mid-post.

    As for the bible passages. Have a look at my blog and underneath the little CWO box on the right hand side it says 'Add snippets to your site'. Click on that. The CWO page comes up with four (I think)choices for snippet styles. If you pick "D", say, copy the html code for it which is written in a box lower down. Then log into your own blog and look at the template page. Click on "Add a page element" and open "HTML/JavaScript". Copy the code in and save. Refresh your blog page and the image should come up.

    I hope this helps. It sounds more complex than it really is.Let me know if I can help with anything else.



  2. I love my kitchen. I so agree with you. If you go to my blog and click on the label on the sidebar that says pics of my house you can see the kitchen I designed. We've had it now for ten years and the only thing I woud have done differently was to put in another wall oven.

  3. Mrs. Darling,

    I love your kitchen. We are in the process of building a home and I cannot wait till we get to the point of designing the kitchen, pantry and laundry area. Whoo hoo!


  4. Dear Kirstin,
    Thank you so much for visiting me! I appreciate your nice comment about my picture frame project...I certainly do not mind if you use my idea!

    My kitchen is my favorite room in the house. I spent a lot of time in my "Gram's" kitchen and just loved it!

    I'm sure you must be so excited to move into your new home. It looks like it's going to be so sweet!


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