Amazing Ribs

I have never been a pro at cooking tender pork or beef. For my daughter's birthday yesterday she requested ribs. I decided I would cook them in my pressure canner (some friends had done this and I thought I'd give it a try). Normally I would think to get the meat to fall off the bone they'd have to cook for hours. Not so with a pressure cooker/canner. I simply browned them first, then poured BBQ sauce over the whole bunch of them. Sealed the canner, turned up the heat and let them cook. Once the pressure got up to 15lbs, it only took them about 10 minutes to get done. It probably took about 30 minutes total...I have an old pressure cooker. They were so amazing. They fell right off the bone. The only thing I would do differently is season them a bit before browning to give them a little extra flavor. I hope to try this with some elk roast I have and see what it does.


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