Banana Peel Reveal

Okay, this may seem really odd, but it worked. I read in a magazine awhile back that there is an enzyme in a banana peel that will draw out stubborn slivers. Soo...yesterday morning I stepped on something in the kitchen but couldn't find it in my foot but could feel something. So I cut part of the inside of a banana peel, placed it on a bandaid and put it on the spot where I felt something go in. I left it there all day and when I took it off and peeled off the leftover banana I could feel something right on the surface of my foot. Alas, it was a piece of glass that easily came out. How about that! Sure saves torturing your kids with needles and tweezers. Now I've never tried it on a "sliver" so I'm curious to see if it does work on that.


  1. Now isn't that a clever idea! Thanks for sharing this, Kirstin.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my bathroom decorating...I really appreciate it! I still have a few more things to put on the wall and then it will be all done.

    Love, Kim

  2. Wow...I'll try to remember that! Thanks for the tip!


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