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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Reducing Magazine/recipe/website Clutter

I love magazines, my dear hubby does not like a pile of magazine lying around that have been there for years, and date back several years. So my solution was to create file folders with different categories: gardening, decor, recipes, etc.. when I get a magazine I read it, maybe even dogear some pages, then after a few weeks I go through them and tear out the articles or pictures I want to keep and place them in appropriate files. This is wonderful because then when I want to find something on gardening, instead of digging through 20 magazines, I go right to the folder and look for the article there. You could even laminate favorite ones, or place them in sleeves in binders (something I'm thinking about doing). I also organize my favorites this way for my internet sites. I categorize the folders and save sites in there according to subject: homeschool, home decor, cooking, health, gardening, vacations, etc.. I used this method when we moved and I went through all my recipes and recipe books. There were certain books, that I had really never used, or made one recipe out of it. I went through and tore out those pages and put them in a folder (soon to be re-organized into binders. I did use photo albums, but once the recipes were in there, I couldn't pull them off without ripping them, so I'd like to buy binders, decorate the covers really cute and use clear sleeves for the recipes. The other key is regularly going through all folders, websites and cleaning them out. If I haven't used them or realize I don't like it as much anymore, I throw it away.


  1. What a fantastic idea! I too am a magazine "hoarder". Can't wait to get all the "stuff" to do this.

  2. Great idea! I keep magazines way too long and end up tossing them in a cleaning fit...this might help me actually use the mags!

    Got here thru Rocks In My Dryer...

  3. I love magazines as well and have collected quite a few the last couple of months as the many holidays have approached. I use 8x11 page protectors to divide the ones I want to keep. I have a 3-inch binder that contains recipes that I have saved. Holiday ideas go into my holiday planning notebooks. I have one for Christmas and one that covers the remainder of the year. Any household ideas go into my household planner. I know, too many planners, but they work quite well for me! Thank you for your wonderful get well wishes. You really brightened my day. It is nice to know that an internet friend from across the country can be such an uplifting spirit to me! Have a wonderful day! Many Blessings~Jen

  4. You'll love the binders. I use them for everything it seems. Good solution to please your husband.

  5. I do the same thing and love it. I'm working on organizing all my recipes in the binders--they need to be typed since right now they're on torn-out magazine pages or handwritten. But at least they're all in one place now!

  6. Great ideas! I used to read and keep many magazines--before I had the kiddos! Now reading just one magazine a month is a luxury. I tear out pages that interest me as I read it through the first time (since I'll probably never get the chance to reread it!) and file them in sheet protectors in my Household Notebook by category, then let my son have at it with his scissors and paste! If you're thinking of switching to sheet protectors, wait for the school supplies sales in January--Walgreens always sells packs of 20 for $1 then.

  7. Thank you for the tip on when to buy sheet protectors. I was just thinking about that today.

  8. Wow...you sound super organized!!


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