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The other day I picked up a book from the library by Sharon Hanby-Robie called Beautiful Places, Spiritual Spaces...The Art of Stress Free Interior Design. I haven't gotten far, only on Chapter 2 but I came accross this post that I thought was just beautiful.
 "It's not the surroundings, but the spirit that makes for genuine hospitality." ~ Florence Littaur 

"It is one thing to have a wonderfully decorated and furnished house; but is the house for you, or do you exist for the house? We have real fellowship when we feel safe with one another, when there is earned trust in relationship. Fellowship is for us, the real people with real needs. here is nothing sweeter than authentic relationships."
                     ~ Nancy Carmichael

Aren't those just beautiful! What wonderful reminders to keep our eyes and hearts focused on what is truly the heart of relationship and hospitality. 
I was out and about yesterday running errands for a friends bridal shower and I found myself daydreaming of things I would love for my home (Home Goods can do that to you). I often read blogs and see so many amazing ideas, and I'd love to invite these ladies into my home to redecorate. Sometimes if I'm not careful I can begin to get a bit bummed out, even envious and I need to give myself a swift kick in the hiney! Instead of becoming envious of what others might have or all of the things I saw that I'd love to buy, I began to think of how I could get creative with what I have and the $$ I have. 
 (The saying on this frame says it all. See the stuffed Pooh Bear? My mom bought that for me in England before I was born. My dad was stationed there (I was born there) is over 40 years old)
I am going to start planning for how to regularly purchase things for our home. I realized that I may just need to get a bit creative with where I shop. Maybe I'll buy one small thing each payday, but at least it's something. We are a one income (and not a high income) family and there really isn't extra for "decorator, yard, clothes items), and that is okay with us. We don't need a lot to live on. We've made the choice to put more money toward the building of our house. For now anything else is an extra and we are totally good with that. But I do realize that I take joy in my home and want to regularly spruce it up.

It's all a matter of keeping things in perspective. Do I want to decorate my home to impress, or to create an atmosphere in my home that my family, more than anyone else, wants to dwell in and feels at peace and safe in. Do I want to cook foods that will impress my guests, or to nourish my family first and foremost and bring joy to their lives. If no one ever came to my home again, would my family feel like our home was a sanctuary and refuge for them. Would they feel like they were the most important people on the earth to me. 

Well, I've probably rambled on way too much and could've stopped at the quotes, but just thought I'd share my heart, no matter how rambling it is. 

I think I'll go light a candle now and enjoy the fragrance. 

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love it! Thank you. We, too are a one income family...never had two full paychecks in 20 plus years of marriage. It was a choice. It makes life and fun to see how creative you can be. Even an extra nice dinner and candlelight can feel like a SPLURGE. Thank you for the quotes.


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