Making Progress!

We are making progress on the second phase of our house, slow, but steady. Our trusses arrived yesterday and in a few weeks it should be all dried in and we will be out of money (chuckle from me). For the time being, our internet is down at the house while we frame the roof and wait for shingles to be put on. This causes a few kinks in life because two of Kat's classes are online (I failed to think about this when I purchased them). Today is the first day without the internet and we are currently at the church while she does those two classes. 
Those who have gone through a building project know how long it can take especially if you do it yourselves. We have friends who are currently going through a remodel on their home (adding an addition) and they will be done soon. People who know that we are both doing projects, assume ours will be done soon as well, which just isn't the case. Once we have the roof framed and shingled, we will be out of moohlah to continue. The other difference is that we are doing everything ourselves. We did contract a friend to help with the roof framing, and someone will do the shingles. We will keep building as money comes in but barring a miracle, it could be awhile. I'm all for an amazing miracle because personally I'm ready to be done.


 Our friend Joe works for the Truss company. He's awesome!

Also with the internet down I won't be posting as much or being able to visit my favorite blogs (it just isn't the same from my phone). I may have opportunities if I bring Kat down to do her classes.  

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. How exciting for you! I know this next phase of construction is a hassle but you must be thrilled! I can't wait to see it all finished!


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