Works for Me Wednesday: Don't stop Giving

One thing we have not stopped doing during these times, is give. Whether it's our tithes, our offerings, or just giving when we feel led to. We won't stop and we won't cut back. Why? Because we've experienced the amazing way God comes through and brings even greater blessing when we do so. It's so easy for people to say, "well, times are lean, we can stop tithing for awhile, or we can just not give in the offerings." No way! When I'm in need of a harvest, I plant some seed. God comes through! So when you're tempted to just close your fists around your money but you need a harvest (or even if you don't need a harvest), don't stop giving, don't stop blessing. Sow seed, lots of seed and see what God might do. Look for creative ways to bless others. We are by no means rolling in the dough, but we live by the principle of giving and God has always come through. On a practical note, yes the economy is having issues, but God is so much bigger than the economy. We don't live extravagantly, we don't serve prime rib for dinners. We eat fairly simply yet healthy. If I'm having friends over I ask them to bring something along. , I'm thankful that the places I shop for food are all located fairly close together so I'm able to go to several places without wasting gas. Check out this post for the places I shop and why, I'm into finding the best deals possible so I can still feed my family healthy food, even organic foods on a budget. Head over and visit Kristin at We Are that Family for more ideas! With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Great post. Hanging onto Gods money isnt going to open the windows of heaven thats for sure!

  2. Great post Kirstin! We all need that reminder from time to time as we let the world cloud our spiritual judgements.
    Have a wonderful Thursday,


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