The rain is back. The Northwest weather is crazy. We went from 75 one day, back down to 50's/60's. The rain did hold off a few days longer than was expected, which was nice. We spent Monday working outside helping our neighbor excavate for our next phase. Tuesday I did a little work outside. The neighbor who came and cleared our spot for grass and garden left an old mattress box spring and said that if we hooked up a rope to it and drug it through the dirt, it would break up the clods. He normally does this with his tractor. So I hooked up a rope and drug that thing through the dirt. I think the only thing I accomplished was a workout and looking like a dork. I felt like a plow horse! Seriously! I'm so glad no one drove by and hopefully my neighbors across the street didn't see me. Hopefully in the next week we'll get some grass planted. I'm waiting on some compost from my neighbor for my garden and then hopefully will buy my seeds soon. 
Hubby and I didn't workout much this week at the gym but I really need to kick up my exercise so  I took it upon myself to exercise on my own. On Wednesday afternoon I worked out with my stability ball and oh, let me tell you, that was a workout. Yesterday the girls and I planned to go on a 30 minute walk. We live on a hill and if you walk to the end of our road and take a left you can go up an even higher hill. We figured we'd walk up 15 minutes and then turn around and walk back home. Well, somewhere along the way (at the end of our 15 minutes) we decided to just keep going. We made a loop and arrived back home an hour and 45 minutes later. We did stop at a corner store and at hubby's office, so I probably would have only taken us an hour and 15 minutes had we kept going. But we were tired. My feet were killing me and Nan had to use the bathroom. It was a fun walk with the girls. I wasn't sure how Nan would do because she's so tiny. What was I worried about! Both girls did amazing. We arrived home in time to make dinner and hang out for a bit. By the end of the evening I was really feeling that walk. I'm feeling better this morning though and hope to exercise with my ball today. 
up, up, up we go!
View from the first rise. I've always loved this view of the Lewis River Valley
Coming down the other side. I wish I could show you an aerial view of where we went. We figure it was probably 3 miles. The girls are walking backwards at this point.
Heading down!
View from the second rise, just before heading down. 
I was trying to load a picture of some salamander we saw in a patch of water, but it wouldn't load. There were probably 5 of them. At one point Kat says "that ones on top of the other", to which Nan squats down and matter of factly says "they must be mating". To which I bust up laughing. Nan says "Hey, I read about it in my Science book". Oh, brother...too funny!!!
I will need to do this walk a few more times. It was nice, but boy was  I sore. Pop in a little later. I hope to post a recipe for Creamy White Chili that I made last night. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I tried to email you but it didn't work :-( Here was my email:
    Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    I think I can just arrange pictures different because I use wordpress. I've heard blogger isn't as good for that (although you get all those way cooler designs for your pages!)
    What kind of camera do you use? Most of the pictures on my blog are just point and shoot. I have some of my DSLR pictures on there, but you have to hunt for them.
    Here is a slideshow from a birthday party I did this weekend with a Canon 30D (I use both Nikon and Canon equipment). I used photoshop a lot for these.
    Thanks for the link to that other photography site. I will definitely check it out!

  2. My email is
    Nikons are good for sports. Way better than Canon IMO. I much prefer Canon for portraits though. I have a Nikon D70 and a D100 and a Canon 30D.
    I might make the big switch to Canon 100% though. I have killer lenses I might be selling if you are interested. We'll see. I'm having trouble committing to one

  3. Oh, and I want that white chili recipe too! LOL.


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