works for me Wednesday: Squeegies

I am not the worlds greatest window washer! There are always streaks. I have found that squeegees work great! For my outside windows, I fill a bucket with soapy water. I use the sponge side of the squeegee to "wash" the window. I then spray it off with the hose and then use the other side of the squeegee to get all the water off. It works great, with no streaks. 
I also use a squeegee in my shower. After every shower you just squeegee the shower door and you're left with nice clean doors. No soap scum and no water marks.
A squeegee works for me! Hop on over to We are THAT Family for more Works for me tips.
**NOTE** The machine I posted on a few weeks ago for transferring my videos to DVD's works great! I also tried the Yummy Soup application that someone else posted on and love it.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love my shower squeegee!
    Makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it? ;-)

  2. Ah! Must try this! I dread windows. Thank you!

  3. squeegees are great! I use a chamois type cloth for my tiles in the shower (no glass door for me) and that works wonders, too.

    However, squeegees on windows is an excellent idea.

    My WFMW post this week is about keeping drinks cold.
    Have a great week!
    Kristin (The Goat)

  4. I love the squeegee, too.

    I use Rain-X windshield cleaner to clean my shower door, it stops the water from beading which prevents soap scum. It works great.

    I've heard that WD40 does the same thing, but haven't tried it.


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