A Trip to the Garden Nursery

Last Saturday it snowed off and on all day! It's hard to think about gardening when snow is falling, but I had an itch to see what was out there. I was also coming off a week of being sick and just needed to get out of the house.  So I told the family I was taking a shower and then going to the nursery. They looked at me like I was crazy, I mean, after all it's snowing. But I was determined. So I hopped in the car and off I went. There were only a handful of cars in the parking lot and I thought "good, it'll be nice and quiet inside". I was right. There's a cute little corner filled with all sorts of gardening books, and a table and chairs, inviting gardeners to sit and browse through the pages...the sun came through the window making it even more warm and inviting.
I haven't been into our local nursery for a few years. I had forgotten how cool it was. I love garden nurseries. Each one is different, each one has its own specialties and its own personality. If I could go to every nursery I passed by, I would. It relaxes me to just walk through aisles of garden supplies and hundreds and hundreds of plants. I wouldn't mind working at a nursery, if I worked.
I loved this bench and the plates on it...
As I stepped into our nursery, I was greeted by lots of color. Watering cans in a variety of colors lined the walls. Beautiful indoor plants, book and home decor decorated tables and shelves. Beautiful glass misters, vases and plates galore! 
This is a terrible picture, but there are the most beautiful plates and pitchers up on the shelves. They were a cream color with beautiful, big red flowers.
The other thing that caught my eye were these beautiful rain chains (picture below). We'll use some in our next phase of building instead of gutter down spouts. I loved these ones, but boy are they spendy!!
Then I stepped into the section with all the garden tools, gloves, and what I was there to look at: SEEDS. Holy Cow!! Talk about seed overload. It was crazy. So many options. Now, this was good because there was a a variety of brands, and a variety of prices. The packaging was colorful and so fun to look.  I would think that a nursery is going to sell seeds they believe will grow well. I could be wrong, but why sell something that isn't good. I don't know! There were also bushels of potato and onion starts. 
Look at all these packets of seeds! These are Territorial seeds.
I believe these are Thompson and Morgan
I can't remember these names, but the packets were cute and looked very kid oriented.
Ed Hume Seeds
Not sure what these were either, but they were big bags of mainly bean seeds.
When I went I had no intention of taking pictures, but then realized that I had my iphone and could use that to take pictures. They are not the best. I totally felt like a spy...taking pictures secretly of everything. It was fun though. I can't wait to go back when the weather is nicer and I can spend more time outside. I also hope to visit other nurseries in the area just for fun!! I had a few more pics to post, but it's taking too long and I have things to do! 
It was a fun, relaxing 30 minutes that I greatly needed. This weekend our local Ace Hardware and Hi-School Pharmacy are opening their outdoor garden area. I can't wait.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. What an awesome place.. I am SO green with envy right now!! I'd kill (a small insect maybe) for a place like this where I live. I'd spend the entire day there. LOL!

    I've always wanted a rain chain, btw. The ones in your pic are the most beautiful I've seen. And the longest.


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