Blind installation

On Monday we finally got blinds for our windows. It was quite funny because on Sunday I was sitting on the couch and said to hubby "don't forget, the blind guy is coming tomorrow." Nan looks at me with a perplexed look on her face and says "huh? what blind guy?". She was thinking I was meaning a literal "blind" man, when what I really meant was the guy who is installing our blinds was coming tomorrow. 
wood blinds in downstairs hallway. They match the trim perfectly
We have concrete floors in the downstairs of our house and because the living area is where the garage will be and so it it sitting directly on the "dirt", we noticed this room stays so much colder than the rest of the house. Since our blinds have been installed, we've noticed a huge difference. The last two nights I've slept downstairs in the living room on a chair because I've been hit with a nasty head cold. I noticed that at night it didn't get near as cold in this room as in the past (I had to sleep down here one other time with my niece and froze).  We put honeycomb blinds in the living room and wood blinds in the bedrooms and downstairs hall. I love the look of them all. 
Honeycomb in the living room. These have kind of a mixed color. I really like them alot.
So not only is the heating better, but we now have some privacy, especially in the evenings when the car light shine in our windows. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kirstin we have the same issue in our playroom as its a concrete slab. Our kids rooms and eventually when the garage becomes a family room it will be that way too. We wanted to do heated tile in these rooms but its SO EXPENSIVE! We're putting a wood stove in our playroom this year. That will help a lot. I too noticed a HUGE change in temperature when I finally got curtains on our windows in there. Much better!

  2. The blinds look great and I love the paint color, too. Honeycomb blinds have an insulating effect because of that 'pocket' in the middle. I use them in my bathroom for that reason...I hate a cold bathroom! lol

  3. Awesome! So fun how it's all coming together ...

  4. ur blinds look great, kirstin!!!! i like them!!!!


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