Finally a Birthday Post

Can I first say that now that we're in our house and everyone is home more, it's much harder for me to find time to post...especially on the weekends. That's okay, but just weird to me. 
Which is why I'm only just now posting a birthday post from Nan's birthday on Friday. Even this is taking awhile because now everyones hungry for breakfast. I wish all the Monday memes were on a different day. I still haven't gotten to those. 
Saturday was Nan's birthday but we had her party on Friday. We spent all day Friday getting ready. Cleaning up the house, making her cake and making Sloppy Joes. Those were amazing and I'll post the recipe tomorrow.
Because we're youth pastors, there are many people in Nan's life of all ages. The cool thing is that they love being a part of her life and so had no problem coming to her party. She made a killing!  She left at 3:00 with her dad and several of her soccer teammates to go play some indoor soccer. They arrived home and once everyone else arrived we had a dinner of Sloppy Joes, salad, carrots with ranch, and kettle chips. Big success!! Then she opened her gifts. She loves My Little Pet Shop and Polly Pockets and got plenty of those, as well as $30 in itunes gift cards, a Booster juice card, an ihome for her ipod, craft things, a webkinz and money!! They played a few games and just had a really good time. Her friends are great girls. A few are boy crazy (hellooooo, they're in 4th and 5th grade...good grief), but Kristianna and a few other girls took care of that...they could care less about boys. 
After everyone went to bed at 12:00, I finally fell asleep around 1:00, only to wake up at 6:15...uuggghhh. Saturday morning breakfast consisted of waffles, bacon and sausage. Do you know what I got to eat? One piece of sausage!  After everyone ate, the girls went to soccer practice and then to another girls house to tie dye shirts for their soccer team (which reminds me I need to rinse and wash them). It took us all day to get the house cleaned up. 
She had such a good time and was so thankful for her party! I just can't believe she's 10. I no longer have children in the single digits. They are so much more independent and confident and they are so different from one another. I'm going to try and post a slide show, we'll see how it turns out. I have a few I'm going to try to of Nan and one of Kat! I just can't believe Kat is 13. I never got around to posting on her, so I'm throwing a slide show in of her as well. There is one picture of each of them sitting on the counter with their hands in a pumpkin. I think they're close to the same age, but look so different. Kat was always big for her age and Nan always small. But both so cute!!
For some reason I can't seem to post more than one slide show at a time. So I'll have to do another one with Kats!
With Joy UNquenchable,


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